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Compiled by Margaret J. Keefe

Faculty Publications 2001


Buttery, Gary and Joseph Parillo, Conductors. URI Concert Band and Jazz Ensemble. Fine Arts. November 29, 2001.

Conley, Mark, Coordinator. URI Choirs. Fine Arts. April 29-30, 2001.

Conley, Mark and Ryan Turner, Conductors. URI Chorus. Fine Arts. December 10, 2001.

Danis, Ann.  SEE also: OSCO - Family Concert Series.

Danis, Ann, Conductor. URI Symphony Orchestra. Fine Arts. October 27, 2001.

Danis, Ann and Gene Pollart. URI Symphony Orchestra and Wind Ensemble. Fine Arts. April 20, 2001.

Dempsey, John, Coordinator. URI Undergraduate Honors String Quartet. Fine Arts. April 22, 2001.

Dempsey, John, Coordinator. URI Undergraduate Honors String Quartet. Fine Arts. December 7, 2001.

Gibbs, Geoffrey and Joseph Parillo, Faculty Coaches. URI Composers Concert Music. Fine Arts. April 28, 3001.

Kaiser, Audrey. Concert for the 25th Anniversary of the Newman Catholic Center, Marshall University. October 26, 2001.

Kaiser, Audrey. Two of Hearts. Westerly First Night, December 31, 2001. (Professional Cabarat Act)

Livingston, Carolyn, Editorial Committee. Journal of Research in Music Education. VXXI, 2001.

Livingston, Carolyn. "Naming Country Music: An Historian Looks at Meanings Behind the Labels." Philosophy of Music Education Review. 9(2):19-29. Fall 2001.

Mauro, Lucy. "Helping Students Get More Out of Practicing." American Music Teacher. April/May 2001.

Murray, Jane, Coordinator. Chamber Music Day. Fine Arts. April 8, 2001.

Murray, Jane, Coordinator. An Evening of Chamber Music. FIne Arts. November 18, 2001.

Murray, Jane. Preparatory Program Recital. Fine Arts. May 5, 2001.

OSCO - Family Concert Series "Stories for Children by Children(Danis). Sound Recording Associates. 2001.

Parillo, Joseph.  SEE also: Buttery, Gary; Seyboth, Craig; Smith, Donald Jay.

Parillo, Joe, Composer & Piano and Christine Harrington, Cello. Sand Box. Negoya Records. 2001.  (CD)

Parillo, Joe. "Tips on Practicing Improvisation." The RIMER. 44(2):221. Winter 2000-01.

Parillo, Joseph and Brian Sparks, Conductors. URI Big Band and Jazz Combo. Fine Arts. December 1, 2001.

Parillo, Joe, Coordinator. URI Jazz and World Music Festival. Fine Arts. April 6-8, 2001.

Pollart, Gene, Conductor. URI Symphonic Wind Ensemble Concert. Fine Arts. March 25, 2001; April 29, 2001.

Pollart, Gene and Ronald Stable, Conductors. URI Symphonic Wind Ensemble Concert. Fine Arts.December 9, 2001.

Seyboth, Craig. "Parillo Duo Jazzes Up Artist Series." Good Five Cent Cigar. October 25, 2001.  p.6,4.

Smith, Donald Jay and Joseph Parillo, Conductors. URI Concert Band and URI Jazz Ensembles. Fine Arts. April 26, 2001.

Takasawa, Manabu. Dedication Concert )of the Newly Restored Steinway Grand Piano). URI Memorial Union Lounge. October 3, 2001.

Takasawa, Manabu. "Exploring the Solo Repertoire for Viola." Eastman Summer Seminar 2001, Hamamatsu, Japan, ACT City Academy of Music Recital Hall, August 13, 2001. (Collaborated in a Lecture Recital Given by John Graham, Professor of Viola at the Eastman School of Music)

Takasawa, Manabu. Viva Verdi! Fine Arts Center Recital Hall, October 27, 2001. (Accompanied Giuseppe Verdi's Opera Excerpts and Performed His Rarely Heard Piano Solo Works in the URI University Artists Series)

Takasawa, Manabu. Winter Sun Music Festival, St. Petersburg, FL, St. Pete's  Church, December 31, 2001.

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