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Compiled by Margaret J. Keefe

Faculty Publications 2001

Natural Resources Science

Amador, Jose A. SEE also: Gorres, Josef H.; Hull, Richard J.; Savin, M. C.

Amador, Jose A., Editorial Board. Applied and Environmental Microbiology. Vol.67, 2001.

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August, Peter, Charles LaBash, Duane Chapman and Roland Duhaime. High Order GPS Base Station Support for Rhode Island.University of Rhode Island Transportation Research Center.  (536134) 2001.  11p.

August, Peter V. and Margaret Petruny-Parker. Options for Commercial Fishing Licensing in Rhode Island: A Report Submitted to The Joint Advisory Working Group on Fisheries Management. Coastal Institute, University of Rhode Island. 2001.  86p. + 1 Computer Laser Optical Disk.

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Buckley, Paul A.  SEE: Brown, Kevin M.

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Gold, Arthur J.  SEE also: Grossman-Garber, Deborah; Rosenblatt, A. E.

Gold, A. J., Associate Editor. Journal of Environmental Quality. Vol.30, 2001.

Gold, Arthur J., Peter M. Groffman, Kelly Addy, D. Q. Kellogg, Mark Stolt and Adam E. Rosenblatt. "Landscape Attributes as Controls on Ground Water Nitrate Removal Capacity of Riparian Zones." Journal of the American Wastewater Resources Association. 37(6):1457-1464. 2001.

Golet, Francis C., Yong Wang, Jed S. Morrow and William R. DeRagon. "Relationship Between Habitat and Landscape Features and the Avian Community of Red Maple Swamps in Southern Rhode Island." Wilson Bulletin. 113(2):217-227. June 2001.

Gorres, Josef H.  SEE also: Savin, M. C.

Gorres, Josef H., Mary Savin and Jose A. Amador. "Soil Micropore Structure and Carbon Mineralization in Burrows and Casts of an Anecic Earthworm (Lumbricus terrestris)." Soil Biology & Biochemistry. 33(14):1881-1887. November 2001.

Groffman, Peter M.  SEE also: Band, L. E.; Bohlen, Patrick J.; Fitzhugh, R. D.; Gold, Arthur J.; Hardy, J. P.; Jacinthe, P.-A.; Mitsch, William J.; Neilson, Carolyn B.; Rosenblatt, A. E.; Steinhart, Gail S.; Tierney, G. L.; Van Hoewyk, Douglas; Verchot, L. V.

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McWilliams, Scott R.   SEE also: Frazier, K. I.; Pierce, B. H.

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Paton, Peter W. C.  SEE: DeQuinzo, Deborah A.

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Shogren, James F.  SEE also: Archer, David W.

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Stolt, M. H.  SEE also: Gold, Arthur J.; Rosenblatt, A. E.

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Wang, Yeqiao.  SEE also: Zhang, Xinsheng.

Wang, Yeqiao and Xinsheng Zhang. "A Dynamic Modeling Approach to Simulating Socioeconomic Effects on Landscape Changes." Ecological Modelling. 140(1):141-162. May 2001.

Wang, Yeqiao and Debra K. Moskovits. "Tracking Fragmentation of Natural Communities and Changes in Land Cover: Applications of Landsat Data for Conservation in an Urban Landscape (Chicago Wilderness)." Conservation Biology. 15(4):835-843. August 2001.

Zhang, Xinsheng and Yeqiao Wang. "Spatial Dynamic Modeling for Urban Development." Photogrammetric Engineering & Remote Sensing. 67(9):1049-1057. September 2001.

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