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Compiled by Margaret J. Keefe

Faculty Publications 2001

Women’s Studies

Bickford, Donna M. "Abortion Editorial Full of Misinformation (Letter)." Good Five Cent Cigar. January 30, 2001.  p.6.

Grubman-Black, Stephen D. "Brave Journalists (Letter)." Providence Journal. December 8, 2001.  p.B7.

Grubman-Black, Stephen D. "Elongated Journey (Letter)." Providence Journal. August 30, 2001.  B7.

Hughes, Donna M.  SEE also: Raymond, Janice G.

Hughes, Donna M. "Globalization, Information Technology, and Sexual Exploitation of Women and Children." Rain and Thunder; A Radical Feminist Journal of Discussion and Activism. No.13, Winter 2001.

Hughes, Donna M. The Impact of the Use of New Communications and Information Technologies on the Trafficking of Women: A Study of the Users. The Group of Specialists on Trafficking in Human Beings for the Purpose of Sexual Exploitation. Committee for Equality Between Men and Women, Council of Europe. 2001.

Hughes, Donna M. "The 'Natasha' Trade: Transnational Sex-Trafficking." National Institute of Justice Journal. No.246:8-15. January 2001.

Hughes, Donna M. "The Transnational Political Criminal Nexus of Trafficking in Women From Ukraine." Trends in Organized Crime. 6(3/4):43-67. Spring/Summer 2001.

Hughes, Donna M. "Women Know Horrors of Islamist Rule." Providence Journal. October 13, 2001.  p.B6.

Raymond, Janice G. and Donna M. Hughes, Co-Principal Investigators. Sex Traffic of Women in the United States; International and Domestic Trends. Coalition Against Trafficking in Women. March 2001.  138p.

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