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Compiled by Margaret J. Keefe

Faculty Publications 2002


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Cohen, Fran. "New Housing Gives Women Opportunities (Letter)." Good Five Cent Cigar. January 30, 2002.  p.4.

Cohen, Fran. "Open Forum Will Discuss Drunk Driving, Safety (Letter)." Good Five Cent Cigar. April 24, 2002.   p.4.

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Sundlun, Bruce. "Book Review: The Kennedys and World War II - Joe, Jr. and JFK Were Heroes, But Joseph Was on the Wrong Side." Providence Sunday Journal. May 5, 2002.  p.D9.

Sundlun, Bruce. "Book Review: The New York Radar Lab That Altered the Course of WWII." Providence Sunday Journal. July 7, 2002.  p.K7.

Sundlun, Bruce. "Brown Med Schools Big Role." Providence Journal. January 20, 2002.  p.E9.

Sundlun, Bruce. "College Students Chime in on Casino." Providence Sunday Journal. May 26, 2002.  p.F8.

Sundlun, Bruce. "Don't Hit the Panic Button: R. I. Deficit." Providence Sunday Journal. November 11, 2002.   p.E10.

Sundlun, Bruce. "Father Trainor's Work for Immigrants." Providence Sunday Journal. April 14, 2002.  p.G8.

Sundlun, Bruce. "Haircuts and Celebrities at Squire's." Providence Sunday Journal. July 14, 2002.   p.F9.

Sundlun, Bruce. "A Longer Runway -- Or Disaster." Providence Sunday Journal. December 15, 2002.  p.D9.

Sundlun, Bruce. "Manchester's Menace to Green Airport." Providence Sunday Journal. September 15, 2002.  p.B8.

Sundlun, Bruce. "Quonset's Strengths (Letter)." Providence Journal. September 25, 2002.  p.B7.

Sundlun, Bruce. "R.I. Solons Bring Home Bacon." Providence Journal. February 10, 2002.  p.E9.

Sundlun, Bruce. "R.I.'s Martyr for Democracy." Providence Sunday Journal. August 11, 2002.  p.C9.

Sundlun, Bruce. "Stop Shoveling R.I. Money Into Connecticut." Providence Sunday Journal. June 16, 2002.   p.B.9.

Sundlun, Bruce. "Two More Reasons to Take Pride in R.I." Providence Sunday Journal. March 17, 2002.  p.D8.

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