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Compiled by Margaret J. Keefe

Faculty Publications 2002

Applied Pharmaceutical Sciences

Aboofazeli, Reza, Hossein Zia and Thomas Needham. "Transdermal Delivery of Nicardipine: An Approach to In Vitro Permeation Enhancement." Drug Delivery. 9(4):239-247. October 2002.

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Andrade, Susan E.  SEE also: Donahue, James G.; Putnam, Kathleen G.

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Larrat,  E. Paul.  SEE: Dhall, Jyotsna.

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Malick, A. Wasseem.  SEE: Mehta, Katan A.; Zhu, Yueun.

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Mehta, Katan A., M. Serpil Kislalioglu, Wantanee Phuapradit, A. Waseem Malick and Navnit H. Shah. "Multi-Unit Controlled Release Systems of Nifedioine and Nifedipine-Plutonic(r)F68 Solid Dispersions; Characterization of Release Mechanisms." Drug Development and Industrial Pharmacy. 28(3):275-285. March 2002.

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Rhodes, Christopher T.  SEE: Achanta, A. S.

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Zia, Hossein.  SEE: Aboofazedi, Reza; Sheth, P.; Vatsaraj, Neha.

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