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Compiled by Margaret J. Keefe

Faculty Publications 2000


Balamuru, Vinay G., Osama M. Ibrahim and Stanley M. Barnett. "Simulation of Ternary Ammonia-Water-Salt Absorption Refrigeration Cycles." International Journal of Refrigeration. 23(1):31-42. November 2000.

Barnett, Stanley M.  SEE also: Balamuru, Vinay G.

Barnett, Stanley M. and Eugene Park. Pollution Prevention and Risk Management Plans: A Case Study for Seniors, Graduate Students and Practicing Engineers. AIChE Annual Meeting, Paper 67a.  (Computer File)

Benz, Marcel, William B. Euler and Otto J. Gregory. "The Role of Solution Phase Water on the Depositioj of Thin Films of Ply (Vinylidene Flouride)." Macromoleculres. 35(7):2682-2688. March 26, 2002.

Bose, Arijit.  SEE: Ghebremeskel, Alazar N.; Li, Sichu;  Simmons, B.; Somalinga, Sandesh; Xia, Yaseen..

Brown, Richard.  SEE: Lee, K. Wayne; Racicot, Robert J.;  Yang, Sze C.

Crisman, Everett E.  SEE: Gregory, Otto J.; Thomas, Kimberly A.

Ghebremeskel, Alazar N. and Arijit Bose. "A Flow-Through, Hybrid Magnetic-Field-Gradient, Rotating Wall Device for Magnetic Collodial Separations." Separation Science and Technology. 35(12):1813-1828. September 2000.

Ghebremeskel, Alazar N. and Arijit Bose. "Magnetic Colloid Mediated Recovery of Cadmium Ions From an Aqueous Solution Using a Flow-Through Hybrid Field-Gradient Device." Separation Science and Technology. 37(3):555-569. 2002.

Gregory, Otto J.  SEE also: Benz, Marcel,; Niska, Raymond H.; Thomas, Kimberly A.; Turner, Stephen E.

Gregory, Otto J., Qing Luo, Joseph M. Bienkiewicz, Brian Erwin and Everett E. Crisman. "An Apparent n to p Transition in Reactively Sputtereed Indium-Tin-Oxide High Temperature Strain Gauges." Thin Solid Films. 405:263-269. February 22, 2002.

Gregory, Otto J. and Qing Luo. "Ceramic Strain Gages for Propulsion Health Monitoring." 19th Digital Avionics Systems Conference Proceedings. II:6E1/1-8.  2000.

Gregory, Otto J., Qing Luo and Everett E. Crisman. "High Temperature Stability of Indium Ti n Oxide Thin Films." Thin Solid Films. 406(1-2):286-293. March 10, 2002.

Knickle, Harold.  SEE: Yang, Shaohua.

Lee, K. Wayne, Yong Cao, Richard Brown and Ruiguang Guo. "Electrochemical Evaluation of Corrosion Inhibitors for Repairing of Highway Transportation." Proceedings of the SPIE. 3995:467-478. 2000.

Li, Sichu, B. Simmons, Sugura Rachakonda, Premachandran Ramannain, Sukanta Banerjee, Vijay T. John, Gary L. McPherson, Weilie Zhou and Arijit Bose. "Structured Materials Synthesis in a Self-Assembled Surfactant Mesoophase." Colloids and Surfaces A - Physiochemical and Engineering Aspects. 174(1-2):275-281. 15 November 2000.

Li, S., G. Irwin, B. Simmons, V. John, G. McPherson and A. Bose. "The Use of Surfactant Self-Assembly in the Enzymatic Synthesis of Novel Polymers."  IN: Reactions in Surfactant Systems, Edited by J. Texter. MArcel Dekker. 2000.

Lucia, Angelo and Qing Luo. "Binary Refrigerant-Oil Phase Equilibrium Using the Simplified SAFT Equation." Advances in Environmental Research. 6(2):123-134. 2002.

Lucia, Angelo. "Complex Domain Chemical Process Simulation in Theory and in Practice." Industrial and Engineering Chemistry Research. 39(6):1713-1722. June 2000.

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Lucia, Angelo, Laxminarasimhan Padmanabhan and S. Venkataraman. "Multiphase Equilibrium Flash Calculations." Computers & Chemical Engineering. 24(12):2557-2569. 1 December 2000.

Lucht, Brett L., William B. Euler and Otto J. Gregory. "Investigation of the Thermochromic Properties of Polythiphenes in Host Polymers (Abstracts)." Abstracts of Pap

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Niska, Raymond H., Albert Constant and Otto J. Gregory. "Chemical Vapor Deposition of Alpha Aluminum Oxide for High Temperature Aerospace Sensors." Journal of Vacuum Science and Technology. A. Vacuum, Surfaces, and Films. 18(4pt.2):1653-1659. July 2000.

Niska, Raymond H., Alan P. Constant, Tony Witt and Otto J. Gregory. "Part II - Thin FIlms - Fundamentals of Si and Dielectrics PVD-Chemical Vapor Deposition of Alpha Aluminum Oxide for High-Temperature Atmospheric Sensors." Journal of Vacuum Science & Technology. A, Vacuum, Surfaces, and Films. 18(4):1653-1658. July 2000.

Park, E. "Pollution Prevention in a Zinc Die Casting Company: A 10-Year Case Study." Journal of  Cleaner Production. 10(1):93-99. February 2002.

Racicot, Robert J., Sze C. Yang and Richard Brown. "Electrical Impedence Spectroscopy Studies of a Double Strand Polyaniline Coating on Aluminum Alloys in Acidic Environments."  IN: Research Topical Symposiu, Corrosion 2000. April 2000.  p.113-128.

Simmons, B., V. John, N. Balsara, A. Bose, F. Landis and R. Moore. "Transformations From Macro Emulsions to Organogels and Organohydrogels - Fundamental Characterization and Applications to Templated Materials Synthesis (Abstract)." Abstracts of Papers of the American Chemical Society. 220(Aug):53. 2000.

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Yang, Shaohua and Harold Knickle. "Design and Analysis of Aluminum/Air Battery System for Electric Vehicles." Journal of Power Sources. 112(1):162-173. October 24, 2002.

Yang, Sze, Richard Brown, Robert Racitot, Yuan Lin and Frank McClannon. "Electroactive Polymer for Corrosion Inhibition of Aluminum Alloys (Abstract)." Abstracts of Papers of the American Chemical Society. 220(Aug):POLY-202. 2000.

Yang, S. C.,  R. Brown, R. Racicot, Y. Lin and F. McClannon. "Electroactive Polymer for Corrosion Inhibition of Aluminum Alloys." Polymer Preprints. 41(2):1776-1777. August 2000.

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