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Compiled by Margaret J. Keefe

Faculty Publications 2002


Barnett, Stanley M.  SEE: Park, Eugene.

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Bose, Arijit.  SEE: Cardoso, R. J.; Ghebremeskel, Alazar N.; John, Vijay T.; Liu, Limin; McBride, S. P.; Simmons, Blake A.; Xia, Yashen.

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Crisman, Everett E.  SEE: Gregory, Otto J.

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Greenfield, Michael L.  SEE also: Rosen, M. R.; Mozurkewich, George.

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Gregory, Otto J.  SEE also: Benz, Marcel; Euler, Wilfred; Lucht, Brett L.

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Knickle, Harold.  SEE: Yang, Shahua.

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Yang, Shaohua and Harold Knickle. "Design and Analysis of Aluminum/Air Battery System for Electric Vehicles." Journal of Power Sources. 112(1):162-173. 24 October 2002.

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