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Faculty Publications
Compiled by Margaret J. Keefe

Faculty Publications 2002

Communicative Disorders

Gantz, Bruce J., Richard S. Tyler, Jay T. Rubinstein, Abigail Wolaver, Mary W. Lowder, Paul J. Abbas, Carolyn J. Brown, Michelle Hughes and John P. Preece. "Binaural Cochlear Implants Placed During the Same Operation." Otology & Neurotology. 23:169-180. 2002.

Karow, Colleen M.  SEE: Marshall, Robert C.

Marshall, Robert C., Colleen Karow, Donald Freed and Patricia Babcock. "Effects of Personalized Cue Form on the Learning of Subordinate Category Names by Aphasic and Non-Brain-Damaged Subjects." Aphasiology. 16(7):763-771. July 2002.

Marshall, Robert C., Colleen Karow, Donald Freed and Patricia Babcock. "Learning of Subordinate Category Names by Aphasic Subjects: Phonologies Versus Personalized Cueing." Brain and Language. 74(3):438-441. 2002.

Marshall, Robert C. and Colleen M Karow. "Retrospective Examination of Failed Rate-Controlled Intervention." American Journal of Speech-Language Pathology. 11(1):3-15. February 2002.

Preece, John P.  SEE: Gantz, Bruce J.; Tyler, Richard S.

Tyler, Richard S., John P. Preece, Blake S. Wilson, Jay T. Rubinstein, Aaron J. Parkinson, Abigail Wolaver and Bruce J. Grantz. "Distance, Localization and Speech Perception Pilot Studies With Bilateral Cochlear Implants."  IN: Cochlear Implants - An Update, Edited by T. Kubo, Y. Takahashi and T. Iwaki. Kugler. 2002.  p.517-522.

Tyler, Richard S., Aaron J. Parkinson, Blake S. Wilson, Shelley Witt, John P. Preece and William Noble. "Patients Utilizing a Hearing Aid and a Cochlear Implant: Speech Perception and Localization." Ear and Hearing. 23(2):98-105. April 2002.

Tyler, Richard S., Bruce J. Gantz, Jay T. Rubinstein, Blake S. Wilson, Aaron J. Parkinson, Abigail Wolaver, John P. Preece, Shelley Witt and Mary W. Louwer. "Three-Month Results With Bilateral Cochlear Implants." Ear and Hearing. 23(1):80S-89S. February  2002.

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