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Compiled by Margaret J. Keefe

Faculty Publications 2002

Computer Science & Statistics

Bimber, Oliver, Stephen M. Gatesy, Lawrence M. Witmer, Ramesh Raskar and L. Miguel Encarnacao. "Merging Fossil Specimens With Computer-Generated Information." Computer. 35(9):25-30. September 2002.

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DiPippo, Lisa C.  SEE: Peddi, P.

Encarnacao, L. Miguel.  SEE also: Bimber, Oliver; Schmalsteig, Dieter.

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Gonzalez, L. and H. Auda. "Re-Sampling Methods in Regression: Which Methods to Use Under Non-Normality."  IN: Proceedings of the American Statistical Association. 2002.

Hamlett, Anthony, Naitee Ting, R. Choudary Hanumara and Jeffrey S. Finman. "Dose Spacing in an Early Dose Response Clinical Trial Designs." Drug Information Journal. 36(4):855-869. October-December 2002.

Hanumara, R. Choudary.  SEE: Hamlett, Anthony; Hoenig, J. M.; Petersson, Katherine H.

Heltshe, James F.  SEE: Raposa, Kenneth B.

Hoenig, J. M., R. Choudary Hanumara and D. M. Heisey. "Generalizing Double and Triple Sampling for Repeated Surveys and Partial Verification." Biometrics Journal. 44(5):603-619. 2002.

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Petersson, Katherine H., Halit Pinar, Edward G. Stopa, Ronald A. Faris, Grazyna B. Sadowska, R. Choudry Hanumara and Barbara S. Stonestreet. "White Matter Injury After Cerebral Ischemia in Ovine Fetuses." Pediatric Research.  51(6):768-776. June 2002.

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Ting, Naitee.  SEE: Hamlett, Anthony; Quiroz, Jorge.

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