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Faculty Publications
Compiled by Margaret J. Keefe

Faculty Publications 2002

Civil & Environmental

Alkhatib, E. and C. Weigand. "Parameters Affecting Partitioning of 6 CB Cogenes in Natural Sediments." Environmental Monitoring and Assessment. 78(1):1-17. 2002.

Frohlich, Reinhard K. and Daniel W. Urish. "The Use of Geoelectrics and Test Wells for the Assessment of Groundwater Quality of a Coastal Industrial Site." Journal of Applied Geophysics. 50(3):261-278.  June 2002.

Holtz, Robert D. and William D. Kovacs. Introduction to Geotechnical Engineering. 2nd Edition. Prentice-Hall. 2002.  800p.

Hunter, Christopher D.  SEE: Wang, Jye-Hone; Ohley, William J.

Huston, Milton.  SEE: Taggart, David G.

Kovacs, William D.  SEE: Holtz, Robert D.

Moultrop, Kendall. "A Look Back at the College of Engineering - Part XII." University of Rhode Island Engineering Newsletter. 8(1&2):13. Fall 2001/Spring 2002.

Ohley, William J., Marshall Feldman, Christopher Hunter and Frederic Bahuaud. Smart Speed Bumps. University of Rhode Island Transportation Center. (URITC 99-14) 2002.   86p.

Taggart, David G., Osama Ibrahim and Milton Huston. "Application of Jetting Technology to Pavement Deicing." Transportation Research Record. 1794:77-83. 2002.

Taggart, David G., Osama Ibrahi, Milton Huston and Thomas Kim. Development of an Advanced Pavement Deicing System. University of Rhode Island Transportation Center. (URITC 99-11) 2002.  39p.

Tsiatis, George and Joseph Robinson. "Durability Evaluation of Concrete Crack Repair Systems." Transportation Research Record. 1795:82-87. 2002.

Urish, Daniel W.  SEE also: Frohlich, Reinhard K.

Urish, Daniel W. "Beware: Port May Invite Trojan Horse (Letter)." Providence Journal. February 13, 2002.   p.C5.

Veyera, G. E., W. A. Charlie and M. E. Hubert. "One-Dimensional Shock-Induced Pore Pressure Response in Saturated Carbonate Sand." Geotechnical Testing Journal. 25(3):277-288.September  2002.

Wang, Jye-Hone, Christopher Hunter and Yong Cao. A Design of Experimental Approach to Study the Display of Variable Message Signs. University of Rhode Island, Dept. of Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering. (Report FHWA-RIDOT-RTD-02-7) 2002.  52p.

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