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Compiled by Margaret J. Keefe

Faculty Publications 2002

Schmidt Labor Research Center

Bodah, Matthew M.  SEE also: Ludlam, Steve; McHugh, Patrick P.

Bodah, Matthew, Editor. AAUP News. Vol.XXVII-XXIX, 2001/2002-2002/2003.

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McHugh, Patrick P., Matthew M. Bodah, Henry W. Holt, Jr. and Seong J. Yim. "Employee Involvement: Contract Clauses in Collective Bargaining Agreements." Looking Ahead. XXIV(2). 2002.

Thomason, Terry and Silvana Pozzebon. "Determinants of Firm Workplace Health and Safety and Claims Management Practices." Industrial & Labor Relations Review. 55(2):286-301. January 2002.

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