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Compiled by Margaret J. Keefe

Faculty Publications 2002

Marine Affairs

Burroughs, R. "Designing the Next Management and Research Actions for an Estuarine Ecosystem." Long Island Sound/New England Estuarine Research Society Research Conference, University of Connecticut, Groton. 2002.

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Coffey, William J.  SEE also: Shearmur, Richard G.

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Hale, Lynne Z.  SEE also: Coley, C.

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Nixon, Dennis.  SEE also: McCarthy, Elena.

Nixon, Dennis. "The Legal Front: It's His Boat. It Broke. It's on Your Property. Who Pays?" Marina Dock Age. May/June 2002.  p.12,14,16.

Nixon, Dennis. "The Legal Front: Liability Issues in Marina Operations - A Practical Approach." Marina Dock Age. July/August 2002.  p.12,14-15,47-48.

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