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Compiled by Margaret J. Keefe

Faculty Publications 2002

Pharmacy Practice

Assaf, A. R., D. Parker, K. L. Lapane, J. L. McKenney and R. A. Carleton. "Are There Gender Differences in Self-Reported Smoking Practices? Correlation With Thiocyanate and Cotinine Levels in Smokers and Nonsmokers From the Pawtucket Heart Health Program." Journal of Women's Health & Gender-Based Medicine. 11(10):899-906. December 2002.

Barbour, Marilyn M.  See: Lapane, Kate L.

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Caron, Michael F.  SEE also: Song, Jessica.

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Factor, Stewart A., Eric S. Molo and Joseph H. Friedman. "Risperidone and Parkinson's Disease (Letter)." Movement Disorders. 17(1):221. January2002.

Fernandez, Hubert H. and Joseph H. Friedman. "18F  Dopa vs Dopamine Transporter Ligands in Positron Emission to Tomographic and Single-Photon Emission Comuted Tomographic Scans for Parkinson Disease (Letter)." Archives of Neurology. 59(12):1973-1974. December2002.

Fernandez, Hubert H., Martha E. Trieschmann, Monica A. Burke and Joseph H. Friedman. "Quetiapine for Psychosis in Parkinson's Disease Versus Dementia With Levy Bodies." Journal of Clinical Psychiatry. 63(6):513-515. June 2002.

Feret, Brett M.  SEE: Reddy, P.

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Friedman, Joseph H.  SEE also: Brier, Alan; Cahn-Weiner, Deborah A.; Fernandez, H. H.; Scoggan, K. A.; Walker, Ruth; Zawacki, T. M.

Friedman, Joseph H. "An April Fool's Commentary." Medicine and Health, Rhode Island. 85(4):114. April 2002.

Friedman, Joseph H. and Hubert H. Fernandez. "Atypical Antipsychotics in Parkinson-Sensitive Populations." Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry and Neurology. 15(3):156-170. Fall 2002.

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Friedman, Joseph H. "'Brain Cramps." Medicine and Health, Rhode Island. 85(6):174. June 2002.

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Friedman, Joseph H. "Needless Tests Drag Down Medicine; No Prizes for Courage." Providence Journal. November 2, 2002.  p.B

Friedman, Joseph H. "No Autopsy - He's Suffered Enough." Medicine and Health, Rhode Island. 85(3):78. March 2002.

Friedman, Joseph H. "No Autopsy - He's Suffered Enough." Providence Journal. August 3, 2002.  p.B7.

Friedman, Joseph H. "On Being Told I'm Disgusting: The Hateful Family." Medicine and Health, Rhode Island. 85(2):46. February 2002.

Friedman, Joseph H. "Presumed Rapid Eye Movement Behavior Disorder in Machado-Joseph Disease (Spinocerebellar Ataxia Type-3)." Movement Disorders. 17(6):1350-1353. November 2002.

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Lapane, Kate L.  SEE also: Assaf, A.; R. Brown, Mary N.; Cameron, K.; Dhall, Jyotsna; Eaton, Charles B.;  Hughes, Carmen L.; Miller, Susan C.; Ott, Brian R.; Quilliam, Brian J.

Lapane, Kate L., Anne L. Hume, Marilyn M. Barbour and Lewis A. Lipsitz. "Does Aspirin Attenuate the Effect of Angiotensin-Converting Enzyme Inhibitors on Health Outcomes of Very Old Patients With Heart Failure?" Journal of the American Geriatrics Society. 50(7):1198-1204. July 2002.

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Lapane, Kate L. "Second Generation Issues in the Management of Depression in Nursing Homes (Letter)." Journal of the American Geriatrics Society. 50(12):2101. December 2002.

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Luisi, Andrea F.  SEE also: Brown, Mary N.; Nigg, Claudio R.

Luisi, Andrea F. "Arippirazde: First of a New Class of Antipsychotics." Formulary. 37(11):575-576. November 2002.

Miller, Susan C., Vincent More, Ning Wu, Pedro Gozalo and Kate Lapane. "Does Receipt of Hospice Care in Nursing Homes Improve the Management of Pain at the End of Life?" Journal of the American Geriatrics Society. 50(3):507-515. March 2002.

Nigg, Claudio, Catherine English, Norma Owens, Patricia Burbank, Annie Connolly-Belanger, Robert Dufresne, Nancy Fey-Yensan, Carol Garber, Andrea Luisis, Cynthia Padula, Sandra Saunders and Phillip Clark. "Health Correlates of Exercise Behavior and Stage Change in a Community-Based Exercise Intervention for the Elderly: A Pilot Study." Health Promotion Practice. 3(3):4212-428. 2002.            

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Owens, Norma J.  SEE also: Burbank, Patricia M.; Clark, Phillip G.; Nigg, Claudio R.; Scimeca, S. G.

Owens, Norma J., Cynthia A. Padula and Anne L. Hume. "Developing and Using Interdisciplinary Case Studies in Teaching Geriatrics to Practicing Health Care Professionals." Educational Gerontology. 28(6):473-489. June-July 2002. 

Pawasaukas, Jayne E.  SEE: Wacker, Margaret S.

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Sesin, Paul.  SEE: Zolnierz, Michael.

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Willey, Cynthia.  SEE: Redding, Colleen A.

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