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Compiled by Margaret J. Keefe

Faculty Publications 2003

Applied Pharmaceutical Sciences

Achanta, Anand S., Cynthia Temkin Willey and Christopher T. Rhodes. "Attitudes and Opinions Towards Regulatory Aspects of Non-Prescription Medicines." Clinical Research & Regulatory Affairs. 20(1):1-13. March 2003.

Achanta, Anand S., Cynthia Temkin Willey and Christopher T. Rhodes. "OTC Switch Case History Evaluation: Nicorette (tm)." Clinical Research & Regulatory Affairs. 20(1):15-26. March 2003.

Akhlaghi, Fatemeh.  SEE: Ray, John E.

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Assaf, Annlouise R., Donna Parker, Kate L. Lapane, Elizabeth Coccio, Evangelos Evangelou and Robert A. Carleton. "Does the Y Chromosome Make a Difference? Gender Differences in Attempts to Change Cardiovascular Disease Risk Factors." Journal of Women's Health. 12(4):321-330. May 2003.

Beckert, Thomas E.  SEE: Bruce, L. Diane.

Belazi, Dea.  SEE: Maio, Vittorio.

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Gastonguay, Mark.  SEE: Rajagopalan, Prabhu

Goldstein, Michael G., Raymond Niarua, Cynthia Willey, Alessandra Kazura, William Rakowski, Judith DePue and Elyse Park. "An Academic Detailing Intervention to Disseminate Physician-Delivered Smoking Cessation Counseling: Smoking Cesssation Outcomes of the Physicians Smokers Project." Preventive Medicine. 36(2):185-196. February 2003.

Lapane, Kate L.  SEE: Assaf, Annlouise R. ; Christian, Jennifer B,; Liperotti, Rosa; Wu, Ning.

Larrat, E. Paul.  SEE: Alsultan, M. S.

Lee, Kyoung-Jin, Anthony Kang, John J. Delfino, Thomas G. West, Sushen Chetty, Donald C. Monkhouse and Jaedeok Yoo. "Evaluation of Critical Formulation Factors in the Development of a Rapidly Dispersing Captopril Oral Dosage Form." Drug Development & Industrial Pharmacy. 29(9):967. 2003.

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Monkhouse, Donald C.  SEE: Lee, Lyoung-Jin.

Nasseri, Angela Attar., Reza Aboofazeli, Hossein Zia and Thomas E. Needham. "Lechithin-Stabilized Microemulsion: An Organogel for Topical Application of Ketorolac Trometyhamine. II: In Vitrto Release Study." Iranian Journal of Pharmaceutical Research. 2(2):117-124. 2003.

Nasseri, Angela Attar. Reza Aboofazeli, Hossein Zia and Thomas E. Needham. "Lechithin-Stabilized Microemulsion: An Organogel for Topical Application of Ketorolac Trometyhamine. I: Phase Behavior Studies." Iranian Journal of Pharmaceutical Research. 2(1):59-63. 2003

Needham, Thomas E.  SEE: Chichester, Clinton O.

Park, Elyse R., Judith D. DePue, Michael G. Goldstein, Raymond Niaura, Lisa L. Harlow, Cynthia Willey, William Rakowski and Alexander V. Prokhorov. "Assessing the Transtheoretical Model of Change Constructs for Physicians Counseling Smokers." Annals of Behavioral Medicine. 25(2):120-126. Spring 2003.

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Rajagopalan, Prabhu, Arthur Mazzu, Chenghua Xia, Ray Dawkins and Pavur Sundareson. "Effect of High-Fat Breakfast and Moderate-Fate Evening Meal on the Pharmacokinetics of Vardenafil, an Oral Phosphodiesterase-5 Inhibitor for the Treatment of Erectile Dysfunction." Journal of Clinical Pharmacology. 43(3):260-267. March 2003.

Rajagopalan, Prabhu, Robert K. Pelz, Pamela A. Lipsett, Sandra M. Swoboda, Michael G. Rinaldi and Craig W. Hendrix. "Enteral Fluconazole Population Pharmacokinetics in Patients in the Surgical Intensive Care Unit." Pharmacotherapy. 23(5):592-601. May 2003.

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Rhodes, Christopher T.  SEE: Achanta, Anand S.

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Squillante, Emilio.  SEE: Sethia, Sundeep.

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Willey, Cynthia Temkin.  SEE also: Achanta, Anand S.; Goldstein, Michael G.; Park, Elyse R.

Willey, Cynthia. "Medication Adherence."   IN: Best Practices in the Behavioral Management of Chronic Disease. Vol. II: Other Medical DisordersWilley, Cynthia Temkin. . Institute for Disease Management. 2003.

Wu, Ning, Susan C. Mittere, Kate Lapane and Pedro Gozalo. "The Problem of Assessment Bias When Measuring the Hospice Effect on Nursing Home Residents' Pain." Journal of Pain and Symptom Management. 26(5):998-1009. 2003.

Zia, Hossein.  SEE: Nasseri, Angela.

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