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Compiled by Margaret J. Keefe

Faculty Publications 2003


Anderson, Ben. Sculpture. Corridor Gallery, Fine Arts Center. March 17-April 14, 2003. (Exhibit)

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Klenk, William C.  SEE also: Norris, Doug;  URI....; Roberge, Amanda.

Klenk, William. Recent Paintings and Collages. Fine Arts Center. June 3-July 31; September 5-28, 2003.  (Exhibit)

Matthew, Annu.  SEE also: Annu....

Matthew, Annu. Cartoon Festival on International Women's Day (Public Arts Project). DRIK Gallery, Dhaka, Bangladesh. March 2003.

Matthew, Annu. Discoveries of the Meeting Place, Fotofest 1996. Samara Regional Museum of Fine Arts, Samara, Russia. June-December 2003.

Matthew, Annu. Experience and Exchange: Documentary as the Art of Collaboration. Kent State University. October 2003.

Matthew, Annu. Film Show. Gotthelf Art Gallery, San Diego, CA. January 2003.

Matthew, Annu. An Indian From India (Exhibit). Marlboro College. October 2003.

Matthew, Annu. An Indian From India (Exhibit). 1401 Gallery, University of the Arts, Philadelphia, PA. September 2003.

Matthew, Annu. MADE IN WOODSTOCK II. Center for Photography at Woodstock. June 2003.

Matthew, Annu. 2003 John Gutmann Fellowship Award Exhibition. San Francisco Arts Commission. November 2003.

Matthew, Annu. Only Skin Deep: Changing Visions of the American Self (Website). International Center for Photography. December 2003.

Matthew, Annu. PHOTO ID, 21st Century Self-Portraits. Pelham (NY) Arts Center. March 2003.

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O'Malley, Brian.  SEE also: Corridor....

O'Malley, Brian. Dreaming of the Inside: Works on Paper. Corridor Gallery, URI Fine Arts Center. Oct.1-Nov.3, 2003.

Onorato, R. J. "Book Review: Clark-Langager, Sarah. Sculpture in Place: A Campus as Site." Choice. June 2003.

Onorato, R. J. "Book Review: Quaker Aesthetics: Reflections on a Quaker Ethic in American Design and Consumption, by Emma Jones Lapansky and Anne A. Verplanck." Choice. September 2003.

Pagh, Barbara.  SEE also: Rodriguez, Bill; Steinhagen, Janice.

Pagh, Barbara, Participant. Collective Independence. Duffy Fine Art Center, Canterbury School, Oxford, CT. (Exhibition)

Pagh, Barbara, Participant. Collective Independence. Portfolio. Slater Memorial Art Museum, Norwich, CT. (Exhibition)

Pagh, Barbara. Multiple Views: Hera at Smith's Castle. Hera Gallery, Wakefield, RI. (Exhibition)

Pagh, Barbara, Participant. 19 on Paper. Abode, Providence, RI. (Exhibition)

Pagh, Barbara, Participant. 19 on Paper. Krause Gallery, Providence, RI. (Exhibition)

Pagh, Barbara. Traces. CCRI, Flanagan Gallery, Lincoln, RI. September 2003.  (Exhibition)

Richman, Gary. Professional Observations at the End of the Aquarian Age. (Blue Book Issue) 2003.

Richman, Gary. Professional Observations at the End of the Aquarian Age. Fine Arts Center. April 16-May 18, 2003.   (Exhibit)

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Wills, Sheri.  SEE also: Collins, Erica.

Wills, Sheri. Circadian: New Works. Corridor Gallery, URI Fine Arts Center. Nov.6-Dec.11, 2003.

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