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Compiled by Margaret J. Keefe

Faculty Publications 2003

Biological Sciences

Boiler, M. L. and E. Carrington. "A New Model for Frag Generation in Flexible Organisms (Abstract)." Integral & Comparative Biology. 43(6):994. December 2003.

Carlton, James T.  SEE also: Norse, Elliott A.;   Ruiz, Gregory M.

Carlton, James T. "Community Assembly and Historical Biogeography in the North Atlantic Ocean: The Potential Role of Human-Mediated Dispersal Vectors." Hydrobiologia. 503(1-3):1-8. 2003.

Carlton, James T. and Andrew N. Cohen. "Episodic Dispersal in Shallow Water Marine Organisms: The Case History of the European Shore Crabs Carcinus maenas and Carcinus aestuarii." Journal of Biogeography. 30(12):1809-1820. December 2003.

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Carrington, Emily.  SEE also: Boiler, M. L.; Fogarty, Michael J. ; Mosser, G. M.;  Sebens, Kenneth P.

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Charpentier, Margaret M.  SEE: Wigand, C.

Cobb, J. Stanley.  SEE: McCoy, Deborah P. French.

Costantino, Robert F.  SEE: Dennis, Brian; Edmunds, Jeffrey; Hensen, Shandelle M.

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Filardo, Edward J., Jeffrey A. Quinn and C. Thomas Graeber. "Evidence Supporting a Vote for GPR30, an Orphan Member of the G-Protein Coupled Receptor Super Family, in Rapid Estrogen Signaling."  IN: Identities of Membrane Steroid Receptors and Other Proteins Mediating Neurogenic Steroid Action. Kluwar. 2003.  p.131-146.

Finley, R. J. and G. E. Forrester. "Impact of Ectoparasites on the Demography of a Small Reef Fish." Marine Ecology Progress Series. 248:305-309. 2003.

Fogarty, Michael J.  SEE also: Miller, Thomas J.

Fogarty, M. and J. Stanley Cobb. Dynamics of Exploited Crustacean Populations. Blackwell Science. 2003.  464p.

Forrester, Graham E.  SEE also: Carr, M. H.; Finley, R. J.

Forrester, Graham E., Brett I. Fredericks, Dean Gerdeman, Bryan N. Evans, Mark A. Steele, Kareem Zayed, Linda E. Schweitzer, Irwin H. Suffet, Richard R. Vance and Richard F. Ambrose. "Growth of Estuarine Fish Is Associated With the Combined Concentration of Sediment Contaminants and Shows an Adaptation for Acclimation to Past Conditions." Marine Environmental Research. 56(3):423-442. September 2003.

Goldsmith, Marian R.  SEE also: Mita, Kazuei; Wang, Yuexia.

Goldsmith, M. R., C. McGovern, C. Wu, H. Zhang, K. Mita, Y. Yasukochi, T. Shimada, T. Sugaski, P. Zeng, D. R. Mills and S. W. Marino. "Resources for Cpmparative Linkage Mapping in Lepidoptera." Journal of Insect Science (Tucson). 3(36):4-5. 15 December 2003.

Hammen-Winn, Susan. "Flowering Cherry Trees Usher in Spring." Horizons. Spring 2003. p.2.

Hammen-Winn, Susan. "The History and Splendor of the Atlas Cedar." Horizons. Winter 2003-04.  p.2.

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Hill, Robert B.  SEE also: Moulis, A.

Hill, R. "Active State in Echinoderm Muscle (Abstract)." 11th International Echinoderm Conference, Munich, Germany, Oct 6-10, 2003.

Hill, R. B., Advisory Board. Journal of Comparative Physiology. B: Biochemical, Systemic, and Environmental Physiology. Vol.174, 2003.

Hobbs, N. Thompson.  SEE also: Wang, G.

Hobbs, N. Thompson. "Challenges and Opportunities in an Integrated Ecological Knowledge Across Scales." Forest Ecology and Management. 181(2):223-238. August 2003.

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Irvine, Steven Q.  SEE also: Sumiyama, Kenta.

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Killingbeck, Keith T., Board of Editors. Ecology. 2003.

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Steele, Mark A.  SEE: Forrester, Graham E.; Swearer, Stephen E.

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Thursby, Glen B. SEE: Wigand, C.

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Wilga, C. D. SEE also: Dolce, J. L.; Ramsay, J. B.

Wilga, C. D. and C. P. Sanford. "Suction Generation in Bamboo Sharks (Abstract)." Integral & Comparative Biology. 43(6):979. December 2003.

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