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Faculty Publications
Compiled by Margaret J. Keefe

Faculty Publications 2003

Physical Education & Exercise Science

Ballinger, Debra A.  SEE: Merritt, S.; Prefontaine, M.; Williams, S. S.

Blanpied, Peter R.  SEE: Bruno, M.

Blissmer, Bryan J.  SEE: Greene, Geoffrey W.; Kresge, D. L.; McAuley, Edward; Riebe, Deborah.

Bruno, Michele, Johanna Stoos, Susan Cummins, Lisha Gaudiano and Peter Blanpied. "The Efficacy of Two Arthritis Management Programs: Walk With Ease & You Can Break the Pain (Abstract)." Arthritis and Rheumatism. 48(9):1054 Suppl. September 2003.

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Prefontaine, M. and D. Ballinger. "A Comparison of Body Composition of Junior High School Girls in Physical Education Using Skin Folds and Bioimpedence Techniques (Abstract)." Research Quarterly for Exercise and Sport. 74(1):A26-A27. March 2003.

Riebe, Deborah.  SEE also: Greene, Geoffrey W.; Kresge, D. L.

Riebe, Deborah, Geoffrey Greene, Laurie Ruggiero, Kira Stillwell, Bryan Blissmer, Claudio Nigg and Marjorie Caldwell. "Evaluation of a Healthy-Lifestyle Approach to Weight Management." Preventive Medicine. 36(1):45-54.January  2003.

Roush, Susan E.  SEE: Fresher-Samways, K.

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Williams, D. D. and D. Ballinger. "Effect on Alternative Physical Education Program on 'At-Risk' High School Students With Respect to Achievement in Perceptions of Physical Education (Abstract)." Research Quarterly for Exercise and Sport. 74(1):A41. March 2003.

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