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Compiled by Margaret J. Keefe

Faculty Publications 2003

Plant Sciences

Alm, Steven R.  SEE also: Hamil, Jon E.

Alm, Steven R. and Charles G. Dawson. "Evaluation of Two Prototype Traps and Existing Trap Designs for Captures of Japanese Beetles (Coleoptera: scarabaeidae)." Journal of Economic Entomology. 96(2):453-455. April 2003.

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Hamill, Jon E., Oscar E. Liburd and Steven R. Alm. "Comparison of Biodegradable, Plastic and Wooden Imidsacloprid-Treated F Spheres for Control of Rhagoletis Mendax (Diptera: Tephritidae) Flies." Florida Entomologist. 86(2):206-210. June 2003.

Hong, Luo.  SEE: Jiang, Z.; Wang, Yuxia.

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Jackson, Noel.  SEE: Dernoeden, Peter H;  Mitkowski, Nathaniel A.; Wang, Yuxei.

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Mather, Thomas N.  SEE also: Francischetti, Ivo M. B.; Massung, R. F.; Patnaude, Michael R.;  Takeda, Tsutomu; Tassello, J.

Mather, Thomas N. "Expelling Mosquitoes From South County; Let URI Do the Research Again." Providence Journal. November 13. 2003.  p.B4.

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Maynard, Brian K.  SEE: Owen, J. S., Jr.

Mitkoski, Nathaniel A.  SEE also: Dernoeden, Peter H

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Ruemmele, Bridget A.  SEE also: Wang, Yuexia.

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Sullivan, W. Michael.  SEE: Jiang, Z.

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Wang, Yuxia, Albert P. Kausch, Joel M. Chandlee, Bridget A. Ruemmele, Hong Luo, Marsha Browning, Noel Jackson and Marian R. Goldsmith. "Co-Transfer and Expression of Chitinase, Glucanase, and Bar Genes in Creeping Bentgrass for Conferring Fungal Disease Resistance." Plant Sciences. 165(3):497-506. September 2003.

Wang, Yuexia, Marsha Browning, Bridget A. Ruemmele, Joel Chandlee, Albert P. Kausch, and Noel Jackson. "Glufosinate Reduces Fungal Diseases in Transgenic Glufosinate-Resistant Bentgrasses (Agrostis spp)." Weed Science. 51(1):130-137. January-February 2003

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