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Compiled by Margaret J. Keefe

Faculty Publications 2003

Political Science

Carlson, James M. and Mark S. Hyde. Doing Empirical Political Research. Houghton Mifflin. 2003.  436p.

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Sundlun, Bruce. "Glorious Work of the R. I. Guard." Providence Sunday Journal. April 13, 2003.  p.19.

Sundlun, Bruce. "How the French and Belgians Saved Me." Providence Journal. July 14, 2003.  p.A6.

Sundlun, Bruce. "Lengthen That Green Runway Soonest!" Providence Sunday Journal. March 16, 2003.  p.B9.

Sundlun, Bruce. "Letter to the Editor." Providence Sunday Journal. November 16, 2003.

Sundlun, Bruce. "Much to Celebrate at URI." Providence Sunday Journal. June 8, 2003.  p.D12.

Sundlun, Bruce. "Providence's Smart, Gracious and Tough New Police Chief." Providence Sunday Journal. September 30, 2003.  p.B5.

Sundlun, Bruce. "Russian Family's Sad, Then Happy, R.I. Saga." Providence Sunday Journal. November 16, 2003.   p.D9.

Sundlun, Bruce. "We Must Study More Tongues." Providence Sunday Journal. February 9, 2003.  p.I9.

Sundlun, Bruce. "What Saved New England From Blackout." Providence Sunday Journal. August 31, 2003.   p.F8.

Sundlun, Bruce. "Winds Woo America's Cup Regatta to Newport." Providence Sunday Journal. December 14, 2003.   p.D9.

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