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Compiled by Margaret J. Keefe

Faculty Publications 2003

Women’s Studies

Bickford, Donna M. "Rueb's Realm Inaccurate, Misleading (Letter)." Good Five Cent Cigar. February 11, 2003.   p.4.

Grubman-Black, Stephen D. "Activism Against Gender Violence (Letter)." Good Five Cent Cigar. November 20, 2003.

Hughes, Donna M. "Accommodation or Abolition?" National Review Online. May 1, 2003.  2p.

Hughes, Donna M. "Aiding and Abetting the Slave Trade (Commentary)." Wall Street Journal. February 27, 2003.

Hughes, Donna M. "Cat Calls." National Review Online. May 21, 2003. 

Hughes, Donna M. "The Driving Force of Sex Trafficking." Vital Speeches of the Day. 69(6):182-184. January 1, 2003.  (Reprinted: Coalition Commentary-Quarterly Newsletter of the Illinois Coalition Against Sexual Assault, Spring 2003; Oregon Coalition Against Domestic and Sexual Violence Network News, Summer 2003, p.8-9)

Hughes, Donna M. Final Report, Group of Specialists on the Impact of the Use of New Information Technologies on the Trafficking in Human Beings for the Purpose of Sexual Exploitation. Council of Europe. February 2003.

Hughes, Donna M. Hiding in Plain Sight: A Practical Guide to Identifying Victims of Sex Trafficking in the United States. Ketchum Inc. and the U. S. Department of Health and Human Issues. October 2003.

Hughes, Donna M. "Hijacking the Fight Against AIDS." Asian Wall Street Journal. 17 December 2003.

Hughes, Donna M. "Humanitarian Sexploitation: The World's Sex Slaves Need Liberation, Not Condoms." Weekly Standard. 8(23). February 24, 2003.

Hughes, Donna M. "Lilya and Uncle Tom." National Review Online. July 8, 2003. 2p.

Hughes, Donna M. "Nyet to Trafficking." National Review Online. (Also in Russian)  2p.

Hughes, Donna M. "Prostitution Online." Journal of Trauma Practice. 2(3/4):115-131. 2003.

Hughes, Donna M. "Saving Lives." Wall Street Journal - Asia. December 17, 2003.

Hughes, Donna M. "'A Special Evil': Bush vs Slavery." National Review Online. September 2003.  2p.

Hughes, Donna M. "Trafficking of Women and Children in East Asia and Beyond: A Review of U.S. Policy. Testimony before the Subcommittee of East Asian and Pacific Affairs, Senate Foreign Relations Committee. April 9, 2003.

Hughes, Donna M. "Whose Side Are We on? Moscow Duma Protests US-Funded Programs." National Review Online.   2003.  9p.

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