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Compiled by Margaret J. Keefe

Faculty Publications 2004

Applied Pharmaceutical Sciences

Akhlaghi, Fatemeh.  SEE also: Mendoza, Anisha; Patel, Chirag G.; Trull, Andrew K.; Zahir, Hamin.

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Kislalioglu, M. Serpil.   SEE: Vasanthavada, Madhav.

Kogut, Stephen J., Susan E. Andrade, Cynthia Willey and E. Paul Larrat. "Nonadherence as a Predictor of Antidiabetic Drug Therapy Intensification (Augmentation)." Pharmacoepidemiology and Drug Safety. 13(9):591-598. 2004.

Lapane, Kate L.  SEE also: Allsworth, J. E.; Boardman, Lori A.; Bradley, E. H.; Christian, J. B.; Davis, Juliet; Feinberg, J. L.; Hughes, C. M.; Ott, Brian R.; Pedone, C.; Piepert, Jeffrey F.; Weltzen, Sherry; Won, Aida B.

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Lapane, Kate L. and Carmel M. Hughes. "Identifying Nursing Home Residents at High Risk for Preventable Adverse Drug Events: Modifying a Tool for Use in the Fleetwood Phase III Study." Consultant Pharmacist. 19(6):533-537. 2004.

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Larrat, E. Paul.  SEE: Kogut, Stephen J.

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Willey, Cynthia.  SEE also: Kogut, Stephen J.

Willey, Cynthia. "A Review of Interventions for Improving Adherence With Long-Term Pharmacological Therapy."   IN: Best Practices in the Behavioral Management of Chronic Disease. Volume II: Other Medical Disorders. Institute for Brain Potential, Edited by Jodie A. Trafton and William P. Gordon.  2003. Chapter 11.  24p.

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Zia, Hossein.  SEE also: Chokshi, RIna.

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Zia, H. "X-Ray Diffraction Analysis and Characterisation of Nifedipine Treated With a Supercritical Process (Abstract)." AAPS Journal. 6(4):R6069. 2004.

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