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Faculty Publications
Compiled by Margaret J. Keefe

Faculty Publications 2004

Communicative Disorders

Karow, Colleen.  SEE: Marshall, Robert C.

Kim, Mikyong and Cynthia K. Thompson. "Verb Deficits in Alzheimer's Disease and Agrammatism: Implications for Lexical Organization." Brain and Language. 88(1):1-20. January 2004.

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Marshall, Robert C., Colleen M. Karow, Claudia A. Morelli, Kristen K. Iden, Judith Dixon and Tamara B. Cranful. "Effects of Interactive Strategy Modelling Training on Problem-Solving by Persons With Traumatic Brain Injury." Aphasiology. 18(8):659-673. August 2004.

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Preece, John P.  SEE also: Tyler, Richard S.

Preece, John P., Guest Editor. Issues in Family-Centered Pediatric Audiology: Seminars in Hearing. Vol.25 Number 4, November 2004.

Preece, John P. "Issues in Family-Centered Pediatric Audiology: An Overview." Seminars in Pediatric Audiology. 25(4):291-293. November 2004.

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Weiss, Amy L.  SEE also: Peng, Shu-Chen; Tomblin, J. Bruce.

Weiss, Amy L. "Analysis of Recast Outcomes in Conversations Between CWS and Parents."  IN: A. Packman, A. Meltzer and H. Peters, Editors. Theory, Research, and Therapy in Fluency Disorders: Proceedings of the Fourth World Congress of Fluency Disorders. University of Nigmegen Press. 2004.   p.290-295.

Weiss, Amy L. "The Child as Agent for Change in Therapy for Phonological Disorders." Child Language Teaching and Therapy. 20(3):221-244. October 2004.

Weiss, A. L. and A. L. Michael. "Principles of Enhancing Literary Development in Preschool Age Children at Risk for Reading Difficulties." Division I. Perspectives. October 2004.  p.22-27.

Weiss, A. L. "Speech-Language Pathologists Focusing on Literacy Learning: Several Viewpoints." Division I. Perspectives. October 2004.  p.3-4.

Weiss, Amy L. "What Child Language Research May Contribute to the Understanding and Treatment of Stuttering." Language, Speech & Hearing Services in Schools. 35(1):30-33.January 2004.

Weiss, Amy L. "Why We Should Consider Pragmatics When Planning Treatment for Children Who Stutter." Language, Speech & Hearing Services in Schools. 35(1):34-45. January  2004.

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