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Compiled by Margaret J. Keefe

Faculty Publications 2004

Community Planning & Landscape Design

Atash, Farhad, Kelly Woodward, Jocelyn Boyce and Sam Eisenbeiser. Developing and Applying: A Transportation Model for Aquidneck Island, Rhode Island. University of Rhode Island Transportation Cenbter. (URITC536178) December 2004.  43p.

Green, William A.  SEE: Thompson, Richard.

Green, W. A. "Are Hobbitt Ways the Answer? (Reply to John Amodeo's Art, 'Hobbit's Plan')." Landscape Architecture. 93(9):10. September 2004.

Green, William A. and R. R. Stoltz. "Book Review: Health and Community Design: The Impact of the Built Environment on Physical Activity by Lawrence D. Frank, Peter Engelke and Thomas Schmid." Landscape and Urban Planning. 69(4):467-470. 30 October 2004.

Green, W. A. "Book Review: Streets and the Shaping of Towns and Cities, 2nd Edition." Landscape Architecture. 94(12):124-125. December 2004.

Green, W. A. "Marketing a 'Green' Profession (Letter)." Landscape Architecture. 94(6):26-27. June 2004.

Thompson, R. and W. Green. "Pursing Sustainability From the Middle: The Experience at the University of Rhode Island." Declaration. 7(2):15-19. 2004.

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