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Compiled by Margaret J. Keefe

Faculty Publications 2004

Civil & Environmental

Al-Muzaini, S. and L. Thiem. "A Comparison of Leachate Treatment Behavior in Rhode Island and Kuwait." Journal of Environmental Science and Health. Part A - Toxic/Hazardous Substances & Environmental Engineering. 39(2):507-514. February 2004.

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Harr, Milton E.  SEE: Freeman, Reed B.

Hunter, Christopher D.  SEE: Peckham, Joan.

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Marcus, Alan S. "The Hate-Halliburton Campaign (Letter)." Providence Journal. October 2004.

Marcus, Alan S. "Lenin's 'Useful Idiots' Still Exist Today (Letter)." Good Five Cent Cigar. October 29, 2004.   p.4.

Peckham, Joan, Chris Hunter and Lisa DiPippo. Moving Smart in Rhode Island.  University of Rhode Island Transportation Center. (Research Report 536142) June 2004.  28p.

Thiem, Leon. SEE also: Al-Muzaini, S.

Thiem, Leon and Rhett Grant. Stormwater Treatment System. USXAM US 67 19910 B1 20040413. Application: US 2001-892600 20010627. Priority: US 2000-214625 20000628.

Urish, D. W. "Determination of the Temporal and Spatial Distribution of Beach Face Seepage."  IN: Coastal Aquifer Management; Monitoring, Modeling, and Case Studies, Edited by Alexander H.-D. Cheng and Driss Ouazar. Lewis Publishers. 2004.  p.143-165.

Urish, Daniel W. and Thomas E. McKenna. "Tidal Effects on Ground Water Discharge Through a Sandy Marine Beach." Ground Water. 42(7):971-929. 2004.

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