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Compiled by Margaret J. Keefe

Faculty Publications 2004

Nutrition & Food Science

Belhumeur, Randi, Geoffrey W. Greene, Deborah Riebe, Marjorie Caldwell, Laurie Ruggiero and Kira Stillwell. "Fatty Acid Intake and Serum Ligands in Overweight and Obese Adults." Topics in Clinical Nutrition. 19(3):255-264. July-September 2004.

Caldwell, Marjorie J.  SEE: Reibe, Deborah.

Clark, P., J. Rossi, M. Greaney, G. Greene, D. Riebe, N. Fey-Yensan, C. Padula, S. Rossi, S. Saunders. "Senior Project: Stage-Based Intervention on Exercise and Diet in a Large Community Sample of Older Adults (Adult)." Gerontologist. 44(1):132. October 2004.

English, Catherine.  SEE: Fey-Yensan, Nancy L.

Fey-Yensan, Nancy.  SEE also: Clark, Phillip; Greene, Geoffrey W.

Fey-Yensan, N., C. English, T. Tolberg, L. Sebelia and P. Clark. "Dietary Acculturative Status and the Nutrition Education and Food Resource Needs of Older Latinos (Abstract)." Gerontologist. 44(Spec.Issue 1):610-611. October 2004.

Fey-Yensan, Nancy and Diane Schuler, Hosts. Food Pyramid Guide. SNAP/University of Rhode Island. 2004.  (1 Videocassette - 30 Min.) 

Fey-Yensan, Nancy L., Mark A. Kantor, Nancy Coban, Mary Jane Laus, William S. Rice and Catherine English. "Issues and Strategies Related to Fruit and Vegetable Intake in Older Adults Living in the Northeast Region." Topics in Clinical Nutrition. 19(3):180-192. July-September 2004.

Geise, T. J., P. A. Legowski, M. A. Zukleym, J. J. Fiutem, K. Melanson, J. Lowndes, T. J. Angelopoulos and J. M. Rippe. "The Effect of Caloric Restriction and Increased Physical Zctivity on Metabolic Syndrome: A Randomized Trial (Abstract)." International Journal of Obesity. 112(s):A33. 2004.

Greaney, Mary L., Faith D. Lees, Geoffrey W. Greene and Phillip G. Clark. "What Older Adults Find Useful for Maintaining Healthy Eating and Exercise Habits." Journal of Nutrition for the Elderly. 24(2):19-35. 2004.

Greene, Geoffrey W.  SEE also: Belhumeur, Randi; Clark, Phillip; Greaney, Mary L.; Prochaska, James O.; Velicer, Wayne F.

Greene, Geoffrey W., Nancy Fey-Yensan, Cynthia Padula, Susan Rossi, Joseph S. Rossi and Phillip G. Clark. "Differences in Psychosocial Variables by Stage of Change for Fruits and Vegetables in Older Adults." Journal of the American Dietetic Association. 104(8):1236-1243. August 2004.

Legowski, P. A., T. J. Geise, V. T. Nguyen, T. J. DUbe, K. Melanson, J. Lowndes, T. J. Angelopoulos and J. M. Rippe. "A Portable Calorimeter to Determine Appropriiate Weight Loss Goals Is Effective in Lifestyle Modification Weight Loss Program (Abstract)." International Journal of Obesity. 112(s):A58. 2004.

Melanson, Kathleen J.  SEE also: Guise, T. J.; Legowski, P. A.; Oliveira, J.; Zukley, L.

Melanson, Kathleen,  Jessica Dell'Olio, Michael R. Carpenter and Theodore J. Angelopoulos. "Changes in Multiple Health Outcomes at 12 and 24 Weeks Resulting From 12 Weeks of Exercise Counseling With or Without Dietary Counseling in Obese Adults." Nutrition. 20(10):849-856. October 2004.

Melanson, Kathleen J. "Food Intake Regulation in Body Weight Management." Nutrition Today. 39(5):203-213. 2004.

Oleviera, J., G. Greene, D. Riebe and K. J. Melanson. "Eating Frequency, Energy Intake, and BMI in Obese Adults in a Weight Loss Program (Abstract)." International Journal of Obesity. 12(S):A62. 2004.

Prochaska, James O., Wayne F. Velicer, Joseph S. Rossi, Colleen A. Redding, Geofrey W. Greene, Susan R. Rossi, Xiaowu Sun, Joseph L. Fava, Robert A. Laforge and Brett A. Plummer. "Multiple Risk Expert Systems Interventions: Impact of Simultaneous Stage-Matched Expert System Interventions for Smoking, High Fat Diet, and Sun Exposure in a Population of Parents." Health Psychology. 23:503-516. 2004.

Sebelia, Linda.  SEE: Fey-Yensan, Nancy L.

Sebelia, Linda. "Food Safety/Healthy Eating: Whether Caught or Farmed, PCBs Are an Issue; Weighing the Risks of Eating Salmon." Providence Journal. March 10, 2004.   p.G3.

Sebelia, Linda. "Healthy Easting: Lowering Sodium Is Challenging for Careful Eater." Providence Journal. June 16, 2004.  p.G1-2.

Sebelia, Linda. "Healthy Eating: The Road to Health Begins With First Step." Providence Journal. February 11, 2004.

Velicer, W. F., J. O. Prochaska, C. Redding, J. S. Rossi, X. Sun, S. R. Rossi, G. W. Greene, J. L. Fava, D. B. Abrams, L. A. Linnan and K. M. Emmons. "Efficacy of Expert Systems System Interventions for Employees to Decrease Smoking, Dietary Fat, and Sun Exposure (Abstract)." International Journal of Behavioral Medicine. 11(S1):277.  2004.

Zukley, L., P. A. Legowski,k V. T. Nguyen, T. J. Geise, J. Lowndes, K. Melanson, T. J. Angelopoulos and J, M. Rippe. "The effect of Weight Loss on Dietary Carotenoid and Skin Carotenoid Levels in Subjects Particuipating in a Weight Loss Study (Abstract)." International Journal of Obesity. 112(s):A57. 2004.

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