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Faculty Publications
Compiled by Margaret J. Keefe

Faculty Publications 2004

Languages & Literature, Modern & Classical

Durand, Alain-Philippe. "Book Review: L'Annee Balzacienne 2002." Nineteenth-Century French Studies. 33(1 & 2):191-193. Fall-Winter 2004.

Durand, Alain-Philippe. "Book Review: Bernard, Claudie et Franc Schuerewegen, ed. Balzac, Pater Familias." French Review. 77(4):786-778. March  2004.

Durand, Alain-Philippe. "Book Review: Cecatty, Rene de. Fiction Douce." French Review. 77(3):615. February 2004.

Durand, Alain-Philippe. "Book Review: Frappier-Mazur, Lucienne et Jean-Marie Roulin, Ed. L'Erotique Balzacienne." French Review. 78(2):271372. 2004.

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Durand, Alain-Philippe. Un Monde Techno: Nouveaux Espaces Electroniques dans le Roman Français des Années, 1980-1990.   Weidler, 2004.  153p.

Erickson, L. "The Art of Perception: Framing in Azovin's (Castilia.)"" Confluencia. 1:17-26. Fall 2004.

Erickson, Lars O. "Review: Rosetta Stone, Personal Edition: Level I and II." French Review. 77(5):1027-1028. April 2004.

Erickson, Lars Olav. Metafact: Essayistic Science in Eighteenth-Century France. U.N.C. Dept. of Romance Languages. (North Carolina Studies in Romance Languages and Literatures No.278) 2004.  195p.

Erickson, Lars O. "Methodical Invention: Scientific Imagination in the French Enlightenment."  Symposium. 58(1):3-14. Spring 2004.

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Grandin, John M. "Introduction."  IN: Opportunities in Foreign Language Careers, Edited by Wilga Rivers. VGM Career Books. 2004.

Hedderich, Norbert. "Book Review: Gschossmann-Hendershot, Elke. Schaum's Easy Outlines: German." NECTFL Review. 54:75. Spring 2004.

Hedderich, Norbert, Editorial Board. DIMENSION. 2004.

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La Luna, Michelangelo. "Girolamo De Rada il Mondo Arberesh e l"Albania. Mario Brunetti, Ed. Comunita Arbereshe e Risorgimento Italiano. Special Issue of Riflessioni sul Mezzogiorno 3. 2004.  p.95-109.

La Luna, Michelangelo. Invito alla Lettura di Girolamo de Rada. Grafico Pollino. 2004.  206p.

Morin, Thomas D.  See also: Fuentes, Carlos

Morin, Thomas. "Como Leer a Ines a Traves de Una Lectura de Elena Garro o Como Leer a Elena Garro a Traves de Una Lectura de Ines." Altertexto. Revista del Departamento de Letras. 2(3):P23-39. 2004.

Sama, Catherine. "Liberty, Equality, Frivolity! An Italian Critique of Fashion Periodicals." Eighteenth-Century Studies. 37(3):389-414. Spring 2004.

Sullivan, Joann Hammadou. "Identifying the Best Foreign Language Teachers: Teacher Standards and Professional Portfolios." Modern Language Journal. 88(3):390-402. September 2004.

Waters, Chris. "Afterward (Poem)." Parting Gifts. 17(1):16. Summer 2004.

`March 2004. (Originally Published in Poets for Peace, 2004)

Waters, Chris. "The Bees and the Paschal Candle (Poem)." Diner. 4(1):46. Spring/Summer 2004.

Waters, Chris. "Blur: 1. Beano; 2. Nexium; 3. Celebrex or Aleve? 4. Sominex Case Study; 5. Detrol; 6. Paxil or Effexon? (Poem)." Parting Gifts. 17(1):19-20. 2004.

Waters, Chris. "Canada Geese (Poem)." Rhode Island Roads. December 2004.

Waters, Chris. "Closure (Poem)." Parting Gifts. 17(1):54. Summer 2004.

Waters, Chris. "Elinor Rigby Case Studies: Case I. Trailer Park (Poem)." Thrift. 1(4):28. 2004.

Waters, Chris. "Elinor Rigby Case Studies: Church (Poem)." Thrift. 1(4):28.

 Waters, Chris. "Everything Must Go (Poem)." Pegasus. 19(1):18. Spring 2004.

Waters, Chris. "Failures (Poem)." Flyway. 8(3):76-77. Spring 2004.

Waters, Chris. "Fall Goldfish Pong (Poem)." Zillah. 4(3):38-39. Autumn 2004.

Waters, Chris. "Father's Lament (Poem)." Mobius. 19(2):24. Fall & Winter 2004.

Waters, Chris. "The Great Swamp Massacre or The Hospitality of the Narragansett (Poem)." Xavier Review. 24(1):21-24. Spring 2004.

Waters, Chris. "Hummingbird (Poem)." Parting Gifts. 17(1):18. Summer 2004.

Waters, Chris. "MacDonald's at Noon (Poem)." Personal Pronouns. April 2004.  p.25. (Reprint of "Main Dining Room 2." 1999-2000)

Waters, Chris. "Musical Chairs in the Caribbean (Poem)." Hampden-Sydney Poetry Review. 2004.  p.98-101.

Waters, Chris. Outer Banks Sonata. March Street Press. 2004.

Waters, Chris. "Rhode Island Hospitality (Poem)." Providence Sunday Journal. April 4, 2004.  p.E3.

Waters, Chris. "String Quartet in B Flat Majo0r, Beethoven (Poem)." Spoon River Review. 29(1):24. Winter/Spring 2004.

Waters, Chris. "Tomato (Poem)." Spoon River Review. 29(1):24. Winter/Spring 2004.

Waters, Chris. "Treason of Reason (Poem)." Parting Gifts. 17(1):53. Summer 2004.

Waters, Chris. "Womb Talk (Poem)." Mobius. 19(2):24. Fall & Winter 2004.

White, Clement A.  "Book Review:P Revival of a Forgotten Genre." Caribbean Writer. 2004:328-331.

White, Clement. "'Un Son Que No Se Puede Bailar':La Poesia Negroide y la Poesia nde Consciencia Socio-Racial de Nicolas Guillen." Altertexto. Revista del Departamento de Letras. 2(3):P41-65. 2004.

White, Clement A.  "Wey'Pa Butty Dem? Repositioning the Poles - A New Consciousness and Cultural Identity Politics." Caribbean Writer. 18:276-287. 2004.

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