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Compiled by Margaret J. Keefe

Faculty Publications 2004

Physical Education & Exercise Science

Ballinger, Debra, Editor. The Eastern Express (AAHPERD-Eastern District Association) 2004.

Ballinger, Debra A. and R. E. Cain. FINAL REPORT: OSDFS Carol M. White. Physical Education for Progress (PEP) Grant: "Training and Implementation of Physical Best Education Program and FITNESSGRANT Assessment Program for the Rhode Island Physical Education Teachers and Their Students. U.S. Department of Education Grant Performance Report. U.S. Department of Education: Safe and Drug FRee School Program (OESE) June 30, 2004.

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Blissmer, Bryan.  SEE also: Menard, Julie R.; Riebe, Deborah.

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Garber, Carol Ewing.  SEE also: Riebe, Deborah.

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Lamont, Linda.  SEE: Menard, Julie R.

Manfredi, Thomas G.  SEE: Guo, Yu; Ward, Christie L.

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Riebe, Deborah A.  SEE also: Belhumeur, Randi; Burbank, Patricia M.; Clark, Phillip; Ferrone, Christine; Garber, Carol E.; Menard, Julie R.; Oleviera, J.; Ward, Christie L.

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