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Compiled by Margaret J. Keefe

Faculty Publications 2004

Environmental & Natural Resource Economics

Agar, J. J. and J. G. Sutinen. "Rebuilding Strategies for Multispecies Fisheries; A Stylized Bioeconomic Model." Environmental and Resource Economics. 28(1):1-29. May 2004.

Agee, Mark D., Thomas Crocker and Jason F. Shogren. "An Economic Assessment of  Parents' Self-Composure: the Case of Physical Child Abuse." Topics in Economic Analysis & Policy. 4(1):1161-1203. April 22, 2004.

Anderson, Christopher M.   SEE also: King, Jonathan R.; Grigalunas, Thomas A.

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Fox, John A., Dermot J. Hayes and Jason F. Shogren. "Consumer Preferences for Food Irradiation: How Favorable and Unfavorable Descriptions Affect Preferences for Irradiated Pork in Experimental Auctions BC 140."   Operations Research/Management Science. 44(2):151-152. 2004.

Gates, John M., Book Review  Editor. Marine Resource Economics. Vol.19, 2004.

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Grigalunas, Thomas A.  SEE also: Managi, Shunsuke.

Grigalunas, Thomas, Simona Trandafir, Suk Jae Kwon and Meifeng Luo. Comprehensive Framework for Sustainable Container Ports Development of the US East Coast in the 21st Century - Year Three. University of Rhode Island Transportation Center. (URITC No.536163) October 2004.  79p.

Grigalunas, Thomas A., Meifeng Luo, Simona Trandafir, Christopher Anderson and Suk Jae Kwon. Issues in Container Transportation in the Northeast: Background, Framework, Illustrative Results and Future Directions.  URI Transportation Center. (URITC Project 536185)   25p.

Huffman, Wallace E., Mathew Rousu, Jason F. Shogren and Abebayehu Tegene. "Who Do Consumers Trust for Information: The Case of Genetically Modified Food." American Journal of Agricultural Economics. 86(5): 1222-1229. December 2004.

In Lim, Byung and Jason F. Shogren. "Unilateral Delegation and Reimbursement Systems in an Environmental Conflict." Applied Economics Letters. 11(8):489-493. June 15, 2004.

Johnston, Robert J.  SEE also: Cameron, Alistair; Philo, Lisa; Tyrrell, Timothy J.

Johnston, Robert J., James J. Opaluch, Marissa J. Mazzotta and Gisele Magnusson. "Who Are Resource Nonusers and What Can They Tell Us About House Values? An Application to Coastal Wetland Restoration."  IN: Proceedings of the 2004 Annual Meeting of the Agricultural Economics Association. 2004.  25p.

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Lutter, Randall W. and Jason F. Shogren. Painting the White House Green: Rationalizing Environmental Policy inside the Executive Office of the President. Resources for the Future. 2004

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Managi, Shunsuke, James J. Opaluch, Di Jin and Thomas A. Grigalunas. "Technological Change and Depletion in Offshore Oil and Gas." Journal of Environmental Economics and Management. 47(2):388-409. March 2004.

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Opaluch, James J.  SEE: Johnston, Robert J.; Managi, Shunsuke.

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Roheim, Cathy.  SEE: Myrland, Oystein.

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Settle, Chad and Jason F. Shogren. "Hyberbolic Discounting and Time Inconsistency in a Native-Exotic Species Conflict." Resource and Energy Economics. 26(2):255-270. June 2004.

Shogren, Jason F.   SEE also: Agee, Mark D.; Barbier, Edward B.; Cherry, Todd; Fox, John A.; Huffman, Wallace E.; In Lim, Byung; Margolis, Michael; Naevdal, Eric; Parkhurst, Gregory M.; Rousu, Matthew; Settle, Chad.

Shogren, Jason F. "Do All the Resource Problems in the West Begin in the East?"  IN: Lutter, Randall W. and Jason F. Shogren. Painting the White House Green: Rationalizing Environmental Policy inside the Executive Office of the President. Resources for the Future. 2004.

Shogren, Jason. "GEOHORIZONS: Kyoto Protocol; Past, Present, and Future." AAPG Bulletin. 88(9):121-126. September   2004.

Shogren, Jason F. "Incentive Mechanism Testbeds: Discussion." American Journal of Agricultural Economics. 86(5):1218-1219. December 2004.

Sutinen, Jon G.  SEE: Agar, J. J.

Swallow, Stephen K.   SEE also: Barrett, Christopher B.; Bauer, Dana Marie.

Swallow, Stephen K. and Marisa J. Mazzotta. "Assessing Public Priorities for the Experiment Station Research; Contingent Value and Public Preferences for Agricultural Research." American Journal of Agricultural Economics. 86(4):975-999. November 2004.

Tyrrell, Timothy J., Peter W. Williams and Robert J. Johnston. "Estimating Sport Tourism Visitor Volumes: The Case of Vancouver's 2010 Olympic Games." Tourism Recreation Research. 29(1):75-81. 2004.

Tyrrell, Timothy J. and Mark J. Okrant. "Importance-Performance Analysis: Some Recommendations From an Economic Planning Perspective." Tourism Analysis. 9(1/2):63-76. 2004.

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