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Compiled by Margaret J. Keefe

Faculty Publications 2005

Biological Sciences

Bobb, Vanessa Toney and Donald C. Jackson. "Effect of Graded Hypoxic and Acidotic Stress on Contractile Force of Heart Muscle From Hypoxia-Tolerant and Hypoxia-Intolerant Turtles." Journal of Experimental Zoology. A. Comparative Experimental Biology. 303(5):345-353. April 12, 2005.

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Carrington, Emily.  SEE: Goseline, John M.; Helmuth, Brian.

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Costantino, Robert F.  SEE also: Desharnis, Robert A.

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Filardo, Edward J.  SEE also: Thomas, P.

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Fogarty, Michael J.  SEE: Murawski, S. A.

Gemma, Jane N.  SEE: Koske, Richard E.

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Goldsmith, Marian R.  SEE also: Marec, F.; Miao, Xue-Xia; Yasukochi, Yuji.

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Hammen-Winn, Susan. "Arbor Day Plantings: A Tradition Lives On." Horizons. Spring 2005.  p.2.

Hammen-Winn, Susan. "The Bald Cyprus; Making a Debut at the Fine Arts Center." Horizons. Winter 2005.  p.2.

Hammen-Winn, Susan. "Gingko: A 'Living Fossil' Survives on the URI Campus." Horizons. Fall 2005.  p.2.

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Jackson, Donald C.  SEE: Bobb, Vanessa Toney; Ferrar Montano, Orlando J.; Reese, S. A.; Warren, Daniel E.

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Killingbeck, Keith T., Board of Editors. Ecological Monographs. Vol.75, 2005.

Killingbeck, Keith T., Board of Editors. Ecology. Vol. 86, 2005.

Killingbeck, Keith. "Elmer A. Palmatier (1912-1995), RINHS Distinguished Naturalist, 2005 (Posthumous Award)." Rhode Island Naturalist. 12(1):14-15. May 2005.

Killingbeck, Keith T., Board of Editors. Northeastern Naturalist. 2005.

Killingbeck, Keith. "President's Message."  Rhode Island Naturalist. 12(1):12. May 2005.

Killingbeck, Keith. "Roger D. Goos; RINHS Distinguished Naturalist, 2005."  Rhode Island Naturalist. 12(1):13-14. May 2005.

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