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Faculty Publications
Compiled by Margaret J. Keefe

Faculty Publications 2005


Angoti, D., L. Liang, A. Conteh, L. F. Chen, D. Bershas, C. P. You, P. Vouros and E. Yang. "Cyanide Trapping of Iminium Ion Reative Intermediates Followed by Detection and Structure Identification Using Liquid Chromatography-Tandem Mass Spectrometry (LC-MS/MS)."  Chemical Research in Toxicology. 18(4):692-699. April 2005.

Brown, Chris W.  SEE: Dongsheng, Bu.

Brown, A. J., C. S. Ritter, A. S. Weiskopf, P. Vouros, G. J. Sasso, M. R. Uskokovic, G. C. Wang and G. S. Reddy. "Isolation and Identification of 1 Alpha-hydroxy-3-epi-vitamin D-3, a Potent Suppressor of Parathyroid Hormone Secretion." Journal of Cellular Biochemistry. 96(3):569-578. October 15, 2005

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Cheng, Jun, Petr Jandik and Nebojsa Avdalovic. "Pulsed Amperometric Detection of Sulfide, Cyanide, Thiosulfate, Bromide and Thiocynate With Microfabricated Disposable Silver Working Electrodes in Chromotography." Analytica Chimica Acta. 536(1):267-274. April 22, 2005.

Cohenford, Menashi A.  SEE:  Dutta, Udayan.

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Corbett, Brian W. and Jaycoda S. Major. "Use of Silane-Based Copolymers as Efficient Chemical Sensors (Abstract)." Abstracts of Papers of the American Chemical Society. 230:ANYL-184. 2005.

Crisman, Everett E., John S. Derov, Gregory J. Barchard, Otto J. Gregory and William B. Euler. "An Optical Device for Measuring Bending Strain to 5000 Microstrain and Compatible With Optical Fiber Installations." IEEE Sensors Journal. 5(6):321-326. December 2005.

Dain, Joel A.  SEE: Dutta, Udayan.

Dongshen, B. U, , Scott W. Huffman, John A. Seelenbinder and Chris W. Brown. "Enhancement of Infrared Spectral Images for Maxcimising Chemical Information by Minimizing Chemical Information by Minimizing Baseline Interferences." Applied Spectroscopy. 59(5):575-583. May 2005.

Dutta, Udayan and Joel A. Dain. "Capillary Electrophoretic Analysis of Advanced Glycation Endproducts Formed From the Reaction of Reducing Sugars With the Amino Group of Glucosamine." Analytical Biochemistry. 343(2):237-243. 15 August  2005.

Dutta, Udayan, M. A. Cohenford and Joel A. Dain. "Nonenzymatic Clycation of DNA Nucleosides With Reducing Sugars." Analytical Biochemistry. 345(2):171-180. October 15, 2005.

Euler, William B.  SEE: Crisman, Everett E.; Guidi, Vanina V.; Levitsky, I. A.; Lucht, Brett L.; Tokranova, N.

Flarakos, J., W. Xiong, J. Glick and P. Vouros. "A Deoxynucleotide Derivitization Methodology for Improving LC-ESI-MS Decision." Analytical Chemistry. 77(8):2373-2380. April 15, 2005.

Flarakos, J., K. L. Morand and P. Vouros. "High-Througput Solution-Based Medicinal Library Screening Against Human Serum Albumin." Analytical Chemistry. 77(5):1345-1353. March 1, 2005.

Freeman, David L.  SEE: Nigra, Pablo; Sabo, Dubravko.

Guidi, Vanina V., Zhou Jin, Devin Busse, William B. Euler and Brett L. Lucht. "Bis(phosphine Imide)s: Easily Tunable Organic Electron Donors." Journal of Organic Chemistry. 70(19):7737-7743. September 16, 2005.

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Jandik, Petr.  SEE: Cheng, Jun.

Jin, Zhou and Brett L. Lucht. "Poly-p-Phenylene Phosphine/Polyanaline Alternating Copolymers: Electronic Delocalization Through Phosphorus." Journal of the American Chemical Society. 127(15):5586-5595. April 20, 2005.

Kirschenbaum, Louis J.  SEE: Oxley, Jimmie C.

Koppes, W., D. M. Rosenberg, B. W. Vos, J. C. Oxley and J. S. Moran. "Synthesis and Chemistry of 1,3,5-triazinyl diazenes: Direct Reduction of Diazene Linkages to Hydrazo Groups With Hydrozine (Abstract)."  Abstracts of Papers of the American Chemical Society. 230: ORGN-760. 2005.

Levitsky, Igor A.  SEE: Tokranova, N.

Levitsky, I. A., W. B. Euler, N. Tokranova , B. Xu and J. Castracane. "Nanoporous Si-Organic Composite Photovoltaics."  IN: Materials for Photovoltaics. (Material Research Society Symposium Proceedings 836) 2005.   L.2.10.1-L2.10.6.

Levitsky, Igor A., Peter T. Kanelos, Elana A. Viola and  William B. Euler. "Photoactuation in Nafion-Carbon Nanotube Bilayer Composites."  IN: Proceedings of the SPIE; The International Society for Optical Engineering. 6008:1-6. 2005.

Li, Wentao, Christopher Campion, Brett L. Lucht, Boris Ravdel, Joseph DiCarlo and K. M. Abraham. "Additives for Stabilizing LiPF6-Based Electrolytes Against Thermal Decomposition." Journal of the Electrochemical Society. 152(7):A1361-A1365. 2005.

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Lopez, Gustavo E.  SEE: Maury-Evertsz, John; Villalobas, Leslie.

Lucht, Brett L.  SEE also: Campbell, Christopher L.; Izquierdo-Gonzales, Suzette; Jin, Zhou; Li, Nelson, Stephen F.; Wentao; Guidi, Vanina V.

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Lucht, Brett L., Wentao Li. Christopher Campion and Ang Xia.. "Thermal Reactions of Elctrolyte With the Surface of Electrode Materials: Investigation and Methods of Inhibition (Abstract)." 208th Meeting of The Electrochemical Society. 2005.  p.127.

Lucht, Brett, WIlliam B. Euler and Yu Wang. Thermofluorescent Pigments for Security and Safety Applications. PCT Intl Appl. 25pp. PIXD2 WO 103174 A2 20051103 AN 2005:1171549.

Luo, W., W. H. Fan, H. Xie, L. C. Jie, E. Ricicki, P. Vouros, L. P. Zhao and H. Zarbl. "Phenotypic Anchoring of Global Gene Expression Profiles Induced by N-hydroxy-4-acetylaminbiphenyl and Benzo [alpha]pyrene Diol Epoxide Reveals Correlations Between Expression Profiles and Mechanism of Toxicity." Chemical Research in Toxicology. 18(4):619-629. April 2005.

Major, Jaycoda S.  SEE also: Corbett, Brian W.; Sonawane, Sumil M.; Velamakanni, Aruna M.

Major, Jaycoda S., Aruna Velamakanni and Suniel Sonawane. "Controlled Organization of Silane-Based Polymer Into Thin Films and Monoliths (Abstract)." Abstracts of Papers of the American Chemical Society. ANYL-051. March 13, 2004.

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Oxley, Jimmie C.  SEE also: Koppes, W.

Oxley, Jimmie C., James S. Smith, Louis J. Kirschenbaum, Kajal R. Shinde and Suvarna Marimganti. "Accumulation of Explosives in Hair." Journal of Forensic Sciences. 50(4):826-831. July 2005.

Oxley, Jimmie C. "Statement on House Bill HR 3197 Secure Handling of Ammonium Nitrate Act of 2005." Before the House Committee on Homeland Security, Subcommittee on Prevention of Nuclear and Biological Attacks. December 14, 2005.  5p.

Oxley, Jimmie C., James L. Smith, Kajal Shinde and Jesse Moran. "Determination of the Vapor Density of Triacetone Triperoxide (TATP) Using a Gas Chromotography Headspace Technique." Propellants, Explosives, Pyrotechnics. 30(2):127-130. April 2005.

Oxley, Jimmie C., James L. Smith, Jungi Yue and Jesse Moran. "Hypergolic Reactions of TNT."  IN: Proceedings of the 33rd NATAS Annual Conference on Thermal Analysis and Applications. 2005.

Oxley, Jimmie C., James L. Smith, S. Marimganti and E. Bernier. "Transfer of Explosives to Hair."  IN: Proceedings of the 33rd NATAS Annual Conference on Thermal Analysis and Applications. 2005.

Ricicki, E., J. R. Soglia, C. Teitel, R. Kane, F. Kadlubar and P. Vouros. "Detection and Quantification of N-(deoxyguanisn-8-yl)-4-aminobiphenyl Adducts in Human Pancreas Tissue Using Capillary Liquid Chromotography-Microelectrospray Mass Spectrometry." Chemical Research in Toxicology. 18(4):692-699. April 2005.

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Smith, James L.  SEE: Oxley, Jimmie C.

Tokranova, N., B. Xu, J. Castracane, I. A. Levitsky and W. B. Euler. "Hybrid Solar Cells Based on Organic Materials Embedded in Porous Silicon."  IN: Organic Photonic Materials and Devices VII: 24-26 January, 2005, San Jose, California, USA, Edited by James Gerard Grote, Toshikuni Kaino and F. Kazjar.  (Proceedings of the SPIE 5724) 2005.  p.183-190.

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Vouros, Paul.  SEE: Argoti, D.; Brown, A. J.; Flarakos, J.; Luo, W.; Ricicki, E.

Yang, Sze, Richard Brown and John Sinko. "The Double Helix: Designing Conductive Polymers for Improved Metal Production." European Coatings Journal. (11):48,50,52-54. 2005.

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