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Faculty Publications
Compiled by Margaret J. Keefe

Faculty Publications 2005

Human Development & Family Studies

Anderson, Joan G., Editorial Board. Journal of Family and Economic Issues. Vol.26, 2005.

Clark, Phillip G.  SEE also: Garber, Carol E.; Lees, Faith D.; Riebe, Deborah.

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Daro, Deborah, Karen McCurdy, Carnot Nelson, Lydia Falconier and Carolyn Winjie. Engagement and Retention in Voluntary New Parent Support Programs: Final Report. Chapin Hall Center for Children at the University of Chicago. 2007.  27p.

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Knott, J. Eugene.  SEE: Robbins, Mark.

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Newman, Barbara,  Editorial Board. Journal of Family and Economic Issues. Vol.26, 2005.

Newman, Philip.  SEE: Lees, Faith D.

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Prochaska, Janice M.  SEE also: Xiao, Jing Jian.

Prochaska, Janice M., Andrea L. Paiva, Julie A. Padula, James O. Prochaska, Jennifer E. Montgomery, Linda Hageman and Ann M. Bergart. "Assessing Emotional Readiness for Adoption Using the Transtheoretical Model." Children and Youth Services Review. 27(2):135-152. February 2005.

Prochaska, Janice M. "Selling Park Lands Article Makes an Impact (Letter)." Parks & Recreation. 40(9):6. September 2005.

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Saunders, Sandra D.  SEE: Clark, Phillip; Coday, Mace; Garber, Carol E.

Xiao, Jing Jian.  SEE also: O'Neill, Barbara.

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Xiao, Jing Jian.  "From the Editor." Journal of Family and Economic Issues. 26(1):3-5. Spring 2005.

Xiao, Jing Jian, Editor. Journal of Family and Economic Issues. Vol.26, 2005.

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