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Compiled by Margaret J. Keefe

Faculty Publications 2005

Industrial & Manufacturing

Boothroyd, G. Assembly Automation and Product Design. 2nd ed. 2005.  512p.

Boothroyd, G. and W. A. Knight. Fundamentals of Machining and Machine Tools. 3rd ed. 2005.  573p.

Dewhurst, Peter.  SEE also: Fang, N.

Dewhurst, Peter. "A General Optimality Criterion for Strength and Stiffness of Dual-Material-Property Structures." International Journal of Mechanical Sciences. 47(2):293-302. February 2005.

Dewhurst, P., Editorial Board. International Journal of Production Research. Vol.44, 2005.

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Knight, Winston A.  SEE: Boothroyd, G.; Lucchette, G.

Lamond, Bernard and Manbir S. Sodhi. Managing Capacity in Flexible Manufacturing Systems With Random Tool Life: Convexity of Optimal Expected Processing Time. Faculte des Sciences de l'Administration l'Unversite Laval. Direction de la Recherche. (2005-005) 2005.  18p.

Lucchetta, G., P. F. Bariani and W. A. Knight. "Integrated Design Analysis for Product Simplification." CIRP Annals - Manufacturing Technology. 54(1):147-150. 2005.

Meier-Speredelozzi, Valerie. "Promoting Academic Integrity in Your First Classroom."  IN: Expanding Educational Opportunities Through Partnerships and Distance Learning; 34th Annual Frontiers in Education Conference. 2005.  3:SIC9-SIC14.

Qu, X. Z. and B. Stucker. "Circular Hole Recognition for STL-Based Toolpath Generation." Rapid Prototyping Journal. 11(3):132-139. 2005.

Quincieu, J., C. Robinson, B. Stucker and T. Mosher. "Case Study: Selective Laser Sintering of the USUSat II Small Satellite Structure." Assembly Automation. 25(4):267-272. 2005.

Sodhi, Manbir S.  SEE: Lamond, Bernard.

Stucker, Brent.  SEE: Qu, X. Z.; Quincieu, J.

Wang, J. H. and Y. Cao. "Assessing the Design and Display of Messages on Portable Variable Message Signs." Proceedings of the 84th Annual Meeting of the Transportation Research Board. 2005.  p.1-23.

Wang, Jyh-Hone  and Yong Cao. "Assessing the Design and Display of Messages on Portable Variable Message Signs." Transportation Research Record No.1937. 2005.  p.113-119.

Wang, Jye-Hone, Charles E. Collyer and Chun-Ming Yang. Enhancing Driving Safety Through Proper Message Design on Variable Message Signs. URI Transportation Center. (URITC Project 000052)   57p.

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