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Compiled by Margaret J. Keefe

Faculty Publications 2005


Markin, Karen M. "The Buck Stops Here; An Experienced Grant-Proposal Writer Offers Tips on How to Improve Your Odds." Chronicle of Higher Education. 51(25):C1-C4. February 25, 2005.

Markin, Karen M. "The Mysteries of Budgeting for a Grant; Let the Sponsored-Projects Folks Spend Years Mastering Federal Rules About Research Costs; Here's What You Need to Know as a Principle Investigator." Chronicle of Higher Education. 51(38):C2-C3. May 27, 2005.

Markin, Karen M. "Playing It Safe With Research Risk: If You Fail to Follow the Rules, You Could Conduct an Entire Project and Be Forbidden to Publish the Results." Chronicle of Higher Education. 51(40):C1,C4. August 12, 2005.

Markin, Karen M. "So Happy Together; If You're a Scientist Who Is Not Used to Collaborating With a Nonscientist, You'd Better Get Used to It." Chronicle of Higher Education. 52(14):C3. November 25, 2005.

Markin, Karen M. "Still Crazy After All These Years: The Enduring Defamatory Power of Mental Disorder." Law & Psychology Review. 29:155-185. Spring 2005.

Markin, Karen M. "Words Worth Their Weight in Cash; The Narrative Section Can Make or Break a Grant Proposal, So Give It the Attention It Deserves." Chronicle of Higher Education. 51(31):C1-C4. March 8, 2005.

Pantalone, John. "Protecting Rhode Island's Most Precious Resources." Quad Angles. 13(1):10-11. Fall 2005.

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