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Faculty Publications
Compiled by Margaret J. Keefe

Faculty Publications 2005

Languages & Literature, Modern & Classical

Biagini, Elisa. "Chocolate Storm/Tormenta de Chocolate (Poem), Traducciones Maria Paz Pintane." Sirena: Poesia, Arte y Critica. 2005(2):80-81. 2005.

Biagini, Elisa. "Portrait With Movement/Retrato con Movimiento (Poem), Traducciones Maria Paz Pintane." Sirena: Poesia, Arte y Critica. 2005(2):76-77. 2005.

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Durand, Alain-Philippe. "Book Review: Dib, Mohammed. L. A. Trip." French Review. 78(4):812-814. March 2005.

Durand, Alain-Philippe. "Book Review: Kashiwagi, Takao. Balzac, Romancier du Regard." French Review. 79(2):414-415. December 2005.

Durand, A.-P. "Book Review: Perry, Imani. Prophets of the Hood: Politics and Practices in Hip Hop." Choice. September 2005.

Durand, Alain-Philippe. "Sensitive Stomachs: Culinary Anecdotes From French Travelers in Latin America."  IN: Brintup, Lilianet, Editor. Homage to Alexander Von Humboldt: Travel Literature to and From Latin America. U Autonoma de Oaxaca. 2005.  p. 373-381.

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Grandin, John M. "Book Review: Hohendahl, Peter Uwe. (Ed.) Studies in the United States: A Historical Bandboard." Modern Language Journal. 89(4):642-643. Winter 2005.

Grandin, John. "Director's Corner." Global Update Newsletter. 7(3):1. Winter 2005; 7(4):1. Spring 2005; 8(1):1-2. Fall 2005.

Grandin, John. "Globalization and Its Impact on the Profession."  IN: Realizing Our Vision of Languages for All, Edited by Audrey Heining-Boynton. American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages. 2006.

Kirchner, Doris.  SEE also: Donahue, Neil H.

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La Luna, Michelangelo. "La Vita e le Opere di Girolsama De Rada (1814-1903)." Omaggio a De Rada. Homazh per De Raden. 1903 Centenario della Morte - 100 Vjetori i Vdekjes  2003 DVD 1. University of Calabria. 2005.

Pintane, Maria Paz.  SEE: Biagini, Elisa.

Sullivan, Joann Hammadou. "The Author Responds." Modern Language Journal. 89(4):617. Winter 2005.

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Waters, Chris. Cuddly Poo (Poem)." Thrift Poetic Arts. 2(2):28. Summer 2005.

Waters, Chris. "Darkness (Poem)." International Poetry Journal. 31(2):19. Fall 2005. (Translation of Paul Claudel. Tenebras.)

Waters, Chris.  "Fields (Poem)." Zillah. 5(4):36-37. Winter 2005.

Waters, Chris. "Missing the Train (Poem)." Barbaric Yawp. 9(2):7. 2005.

Waters, Chris. "Mothers and Daughters (Poem)." Zillah. 5(4):36-37. Winter 2005.

Waters, Chris. "Odeur de Metro (Poem)."  Main Street Rag. 9(4):77-78. Winter 2005.

Waters, Chris. Outer Banks Sonata. March Street Press. 2005.

Waters, Chris. "Round." Miller's Pond. 8(1):42. 2005.

Waters, Chris. "Shells" (Poem)."  South County Independent. July 28, 2005.  p.C4.

Waters, Chris. "Wolf Tree (Poem)." Evansville Review. 15:113-114.2005.

White, Clement A.  Book review: Expanding the Periphery: Toward the Legitimation of Afro-Costa Rican Literature." Caribbean Writer. 19:256-259. 2005.

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