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Compiled by Margaret J. Keefe

Faculty Publications 2005

Languages & Literature, Modern & Classical

Biagini, Elisa. "Chocolate Storm/Tormenta de Chocolate (Poem), Traducciones Maria Paz Pintane." Sirena: Poesia, Arte y Critica. 2005(2):80-81. 2005.

Biagini, Elisa. "Portrait With Movement/Retrato con Movimiento (Poem), Traducciones Maria Paz Pintane." Sirena: Poesia, Arte y Critica. 2005(2):76-77. 2005.

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White, Clement A.  Book review: Expanding the Periphery: Toward the Legitimation of Afro-Costa Rican Literature." Caribbean Writer. 19:256-259. 2005.

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