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Faculty Publications
Compiled by Margaret J. Keefe

Faculty Publications 2005

Marine Affairs

Burroughs, Richard.   SEE also: Thompson, R.

Burroughs, Richard. "Institutional Change in the Port of New York." Maritime Policy & Management. 32(3):316-328. July 2005.

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Coffey, William J. "Quonset Port Makes More Sense Than Ever (Letter)." Providence Journal. August 3, 2005.   p.B5.

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Juda, Lawrence.  SEE also: Sutinen, John G.

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Macinko, Seth. "In Search of Transition, Community, and a New Federalism: Six Questions to Confront on the Road Towards a National Policy on Dedicated Access Privileges."  IN: David Witherell, Editor. Managing Our Nation's Fisheries II; Proceedings of a Conference on Fisheries Management in the United States. 2005   p.236-243.

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Thompson, Robert. "Reporting Offshore Wind Power: Are Newspapers Facilitating Informed Debate?" Coastal Management. 33(3):247-262. July-September 2005.

Thompson, Robert and William Green. "When Sustainability Is Not a Priority: An Analysis of Trends and Strategies." International Journal of Sustainability in Higher Education. 6(1): 2005.

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