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Compiled by Margaret J. Keefe

Faculty Publications 2005

Natural Resources Science

Addy, Kelly, A. Gold, B. Nowicki, J. McKenna, M. Stolt and P. Groffman. "Denitrification Capacity in a Subterranean Estuary Below a Rhode Island Fringing Salt Marsh." Estuaries. 28(1):896-908. December 2005.

Amador, Jose A.   SEE also: McElderry, Claire F.

Amador, Jose A., David A. Potts, Ericka L. Nicosa and Josef H. Gorres. "Aeration to Improve Water Quality and Hydraulic Functions of Septic System Leachfields."  IN: Proceedings of the 13th Northwest On-Site Wastewater Treatment Short Course and Equipment.... 2005.

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Amador, Jose A., Josef H. Gorres and Mary C. Savin. "Role of Soil Water Content in the Carbon and Nitrogen Dynamics of Lumbricus terrestis L. Burrow Soil." Applied Soil Ecology. 28(1):15-22. January 2005.

Amador, Jose A. and Josef H. Gorres. "Role of the Anecic Earthworm Lumbricus terrestis L. in the Distribution of Plant Residue Nitrogen in a Corn (Zea mays)-Soil System." Applied Soil Ecology. 28(3):203-214. November 2005.

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Buckley, Francine G.  SEE: Ginsberg, Howard S.

Buckley, P. A.  SEE: Fraser, J. D.;  Ginsberg, Howard S.

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Cerrato, Robert M.  SEE: Greenfield, Dianne I.; Nitshe, F. O.

Compton, Jana E.  SEE: Perakis, Steven S.

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Forrester, Graham E.  SEE also: Steele, Mark A.

Forrester, G. E. "A Field Testing for Correspondence Between Trace Elements in Otoliths and the Environment and for Evidence of Adsorption to Prior Habitats." Estuaries. 28(6):974-981. December 2005.

Frazier, J. D., S. E. Keane and P. A. Buckley. "Prenesting Use of Intertidal Habitats by Piping Plovers on South Monomoy Island, Massachusetts." Journal of Wildlife Management. 69(4):1731-1736. October 2005.

Ginsberg, Howard S.  SEE also: Hornbostel, V.

Ginsberg, Howard S., P. A. Buckley, Maxon G. Balmforth, Elyes Zhioua, Shaibal Mitra and Francine G. Buckley. "Reservoir Competence of Native North American Birds for the Lyme Disease Spirochete, Borrelia burgdorferi." Journal of Medical Entomology. 42(3):445-449. May 2005.

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Golet, Francis C.  SEE: Skidds, Dennis E.

Gorres, Josef H.  SEE: Amador, Jose.

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Groffman, Peter M.  SEE: Addy, Kelly; Blazejewski, Gary A.; Campbell, John A.; Hafner, Sasha D.; Kauschal, Sujays; Kellogg, D. Q.; Templer, Panda H.

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Hornsbostel, V., Elyes Zhioua, Michael Benjamin, Howard Ginsberg and Richard Ostfeld. "Pathogenicity of Metarhizium anisopiliae (Deuteromyccetes) and Permethrin to Ixodes scapularis (Acari: Ixodidae Nymphs." Experimental and Applied Acarology. 35(4):301-316. April 2005.

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Jiang, Yong, Stephen K. Swallow and Peter Paton. "Selecting a Land Conservation Reserve for Local or Regional Ecosystem Health With Development: Amphibian Metapopulation and Residential Development." American Agricultural Economics Association Annual Meeting, Providence, RI, July 24-27, 2005.  15p.

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McWilliams, Scott R.  SEE also: Endrulat, Erik G.; Karasov, W. H.; McKinney, Richard A.; Pierce, Barbara J.; Podlesak, David W.; Servello, F. A.;  Smith, S. B.

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Paton, Peter W. C.  SEE also: Brooks, Robert T.; Jiang, Yong; Trocki, Carol L.

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Tefft, Brian C.  SEE also: Endrulet, Erik G.

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Wallace, Mark C.  SEE: Butler, Matthew J.; McGee, Brady K.; Spears, B. L.

Wang, Yeqiao, James Tobey, Gregory Bonynge, Jarunee Nugranad, Vedast Makota, Amani Ngusaru and Michael Traber. "Involving Geospatial Information in the Analysis of Land-Cover Change Along the Tanzania Coast." Coastal Management. 33(1):87-99. January-March 2005.

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