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Compiled by Margaret J. Keefe

Faculty Publications 2005

Ocean Engineering

Baxter, Christopher D. P.  SEE also: Bradshaw, A. S.; Miller, James H.; Tender, L. M.

Baxter, Christopher D. P., Antonio Marinucci, Aaron S. Bradshaw and Russell J. Morgan. Field Study Composite Piles in the Marine Environment. URI Transportation Research Center. (URITC 536153) July 2005.  60p.

Baxter, Christopher D. P., John W. King, Armand J. Silva, Matthew Paige and Victor V. Calabretta. "Site Characterization of Dredged Sediments and Evaluation of Beneficial Uses."  IN: Recycled Materials in Geotecnics and Exposition, October 19-21, 2004, Baltimore, Maryland, Edited by Almet Aydilek and Joseph Wertman. American Society of Civil Engineers. (Geotechnical Special Publication 127). 2005.  p.150-161.

Bradshaw, A. S., C. D. P. Baxter and P. Osborn. "Lessons Learned From Pile-Driving at the Central Artery/Tunnel Prject."   IN: Geo-Frontiers 2005. (Geotechnical Special Publication N.130-142) 2005.   p.719-733.

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Fochesato, C., F. Dias and S. T. Grilli. "Wave Energy Focusing in a Three-Dimensional Numerical Wave Tank."  IN: IN: Proceedings of the 15th Offshore and Polar Engineering Conference (ISOPE05, Seoul, SOuth Korea, June 2005.  p.24-31.

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Gilbert, Richard W., Emily A. Zedler, Stephan T. Grilli and Robert L. Street. "Modelling of Wave Driven Sediment Transport Over a Partially Buried Cylinder."  IN: Proceedings of the 5th International Ocean Wave Measurement and Analysis (WAVE 2005).  ASCE Publication Paper 121.  10p.

Goff, John A., Larry A. Mayer, Peter Traykovski, Ulya Buynevich, Roy Wilkens, Richard Raymond, Gerd Gland, Rob L. Evans, Hilary Olson and Chris Jenkins. "Detailed Investigation of Bedforms or "Rippled Scour Depressions' Within the Martha's Vineyard Coastal Observatory, Massachusetts." Continental Shelf Research. 25(4):461-484. March 2005.

Grilli, Stephan T.   SEE also: Drevard, D.; Enet, Francois; Fochesato, C.; Gilbert, Richard W.; Hanley, Brian;  Helluy, P.; Moran, K.; Sung, Hong Gun; Tappin, D. R.; Watts, Philip.

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Hanley, Brian, Angelo Simeoni, and Stephan Grilli. Narragansett Bay High Speed Network Phase 2 - Marketing, Ocean Engineering, and Site Selective Expansion. URI Transportation Center. (URITC Project 00592) 2005.  73p.

Helluy, Philippe, Frederic Golay, Jean-Paul Caltagirone, Pierre Lubin, Stephane Vincent, Deborah Drevard, Richard Marcer, Philippe Fraunie, Nicolas Sequin, Stephan Grilli, Anne-Cecile Lesage, Alain Dervieux and Oliver Allain. "Numerical Simulations of Wave Breaking." ESAIM - Mathematical Modelling and Numerical Analysis. 39(3):591-607. May-June 2005.

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Mayer, Larry A.  SEE: Foote, Kenneth G.; Gardner, J. V.; Goff, John A.; Holland, Charles W., Jakobosson, Martin.

Miksos-Olds, Jennifer L., Percy L. Donaghay, James H. Miller and Peter L. Tyack. "Environmental Noise Levels Affect the Activity Budget of the Florida Manatee (Abstract)." Journal of the Acoustical Society of America. 118(3/2):1910. September 2005.

Miller, James H.  SEE also: Miksos-Olds, Jennifer L.;Potty, G.;  Rossby, H. Thomas; Sarangapani, S.

Miller, James H., Gopu Potty, Chuen Song-Chen and Christopher Baxter. Calibration of Scour Models Using Advanced Sonar Technology for Bridge Safety. URI Transportation Research Center. (URITC 000059) June 2005.  26p.

Miller, James H., Anne E. Bowles, Roger L. Gentry, William T. Ellison, James J. Finneran, Charles R. Greene Jr., David Kastak, Darlene R. Ketten, Peter L. Tyack, Paul E. Nachtigall, W. John Richardson and Jeannette A. Thomas. "Strategies for Weighting Exposure in the Development of Acoustic Criteria for Marine Mammals (Abstract)." Journal of the Acoustical Society of America. 118(3/2):2019. September 2005;  "Erratum." 118(6):3962. 2--5.

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Silva, Armand J.  SEE: Baxter, Christopher D. P.

Spaulding, Malcolm L.  SEE: Cornillion, Peter C.; O'Donnell, James.Reed, Mark.

Sullivan, Edmund J., James V. Candy and Leif Persson. "Model-Based Acoustic Array Processing."  IN: Underwater Measurements: Technolgies & Results, Heraklion, Greece, June 28-July 1, 2005; Proceedings.  10p.

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Tappin, D. R., T. Henstock, L. McNeill and S. Grilli. "Landslides and Mass Wasting Offshbore Sumatra - Results From the Sumatra Earthquake HMS SAAcott Survey, January-February 2005." EOS. 85(52):U14A-05. 2005.

Tender, L. M., D. Lowy, S. Gray, R. Tyce, C. Baxter, D. Flynn, M. Leclerc, J. Book, M. Hulbert, P. Wang and D. Walsh. "Microbial-Based Power Generation in Marine Environments (Abstract)." Abstracts of Papers of the American Chemical Society. 230:U1752-1753. March 13, 2004.

Tyce, Robert C.  SEE: Tender, L. M.

Uhlman, James S.  SEE: Varghese, Abraham N.

Varghese, Abraham N., James S. Ulman and Ivan N. Kirsch. "Numerical Analysis of High-Speed Bodies in Partially Cavitating Axisymmetric Flow." Journal of Fluids Engineering. 127(1):41-54. January 2005.

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Watts, Philip, Mansour Loualelen, Stephan Grilli, Fengyan Shi and James T. Kirby. "Numerical Simulation of the December 26, 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami Using a Higher-Order Boussinesq Model." IN: Proceedings of the 5th International Ocean Wave Measurement and Analysis (WAVE 2005).  ASCE Publication Paper 221.  1p.

Watts, Philip, Stephan T. Grilli, David R. Tappin and Gerard J. Fryer. "Tsunami Generation by Submarine Mass Failure. II: Predictive Equations and Case Studies."  Journal of Waterway, Port, Coastal and Ocean Engineering. 131(6):298-310. November/December 2005.

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