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Compiled by Margaret J. Keefe

Faculty Publications 2005

Pharmacy Practice

Allsworth, Jenifer E., Rebecca Toppa, Nicole C. Paton and Kate L. Lapane. "Racial and Ethnic Disparities in the Pharmacologic Management of Diabetes Mellitus Among Long-Term Care Facility Residents." Ethnic Diseases. 15(2):205- Spring 2005.

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Caron, Michael F.  SEE: Kalus, James S.

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Curtin, Alicia.  SEE: Ott, Brian R.

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Dufresne, Robert G.  SEE: Kogut, Stephen J.; James O. Prochaska.

Feret, Brett.  SEE also: Bratberg, Jeffrey P.

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Friedman, Joseph H.  SEE also: Borek, L. L.; Chou, Kelvin L.; D'Abreu, Anelyssa; Jeste, Dilip V.; Murphy, Marjorie A.

Friedman, Joseph H. "Authorship." Medicine and Health, Rhode Island. 88(5):140. May 2005.

Friedman, Joseph H. "Being 'Normal'." Medicine and Health, Rhode Island. 88(10):836. October 2005.

Friedman, Joseph H. "Challenge of Determining the 'Normal'." Providence Journal. April 8, 2005.  p.B4.

Friedman, Joseph H. "Critique of  'Another Perspective on the Memantine Graphs: Clinical vs. Statistical Significance.'" Medicine and Health, Rhode Island. 88(1):14. January 2005.

Friedman, Joseph H. "Curing Lawyers [April Fool's]." Medicine and Health, Rhode Island. 88(4):106. April   2005.

Friedman, Joseph H. "Dangers of TV Ads About Disease." Providence Journal. June 2, 2005.  p.B5.

Friedman, Joseph H. "Every Silver Lining Has a Cloud." Medicine and Health, Rhode Island. 88(9):296. September 2005.

Friedman, Joseph H. ""Gait Abnormalities Are Hard to Evaluate, So Why Bother?" Medicine and Health, Rhode Island. 88(2):42. February 2005.

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Friedman, Joseph H. "On Being Grandfathered." Medicine and Health, Rhode Island. 88(3):70. March 2005.

Friedman, Joseph H. "Perils of Successful Surgery." Providence Journal. May 13, 2005.  p.B4.

Friedman, Joseph H. "Slights." Medicine and Health, Rhode Island. 88(1):2. January 2005.

Friedman, Joseph H. "The Surgeon General: Why Not Have One?" Medicine and Health, Rhode Island. 88(11):376. November 2005.

Friedman, Joseph H. "When Quality-Control Tools Hurt Quality." Providence Journal. December 20, 2005.  p.B6.

Friedman, Joseph H. "Winning the Battle But Losing the War: Many Silver Linings Are in Clouds." Medicine and Health, Rhode Island. 88(7):208. July 2005.

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Goren, Jessica L.  SEE also: Centorrino, Franca; Kirwin, Jennifer L..

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Hume, Anne L.  SEE also: Ward, Kristina E.; Weitzen, Sherry.

Hume, Anne L. "Safe and Effective Drug Therapy in Older Adults."  Medicine and Health, Rhode Island. 88(1):15-17. January 2005.

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Kogut, Stephen J.  SEE also: Bratberg, Jeffrey P.; Lapane, Kate L.

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Lapane, Kate L.  SEE also: Allsworth, Jenifer E.; Gambassi, G.; Hughes, Carmel; Liperati, Carla; Resnik, Linda; Shackleton, R.; Weitzen, Sherry;  Won, Aida; Wright, R.; Wu, Ning.

Lapane, K. L., B. J. Quilliam, S. Kogut, D. Dore and C. Hughes. "Does Incorporating Medications in the Surveyors' Interpretive Guidelines Reduce the Use of Potentially Inappropriate Medications in Nursing Homes?" 2005 International Conference on Pharmaco-Epidemiology and Therapeutic Risk Management (ICPE), Nashville, TN, August 23, 2005. (Poster Session)

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LaPlante, Kerry L.  SEE also: Ryback, Michael J.

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