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Compiled by Margaret J. Keefe

Faculty Publications 2005


Andreev, Oleg and Warren Siegel. "Quantized Tension: Stringy Amplitudes With Regge Poles and Parton Behavior." Physical Review D, Particles and Fields. 71(8):86001. 15 April 2005.

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Kaurov, V. M., A. B. Kuklov and A. E. Meyerovich. "Drug Effect and Topological Complexes in Strongly Interacting Two-Component Lattice Superfluids." Physical Review Letters. 95(9):090403. 20 August 2005.

Meyerovich, Alexander E.  SEE: Kaurov, V. M.

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Nightingale, M. Peter.  SEE also: Deng, Y. J.

Nightingale, M. P. and Mervlyn Moodley. "Interdimensional Degeneracies in van der Waals Clusters and Quantum Monte Carlo Computation of Rovibrational States." Journal of Chemical Physics. 123(1):14304.  July 1, 2005.  7p.

"Review of Acoustical Patents: Ruffa, Anthony A. Acoustic Processing for Estimating, Size of Small Targets." Journal of the Acoustical Society of America. 118(3):1256. September 2005.

Ruffa, Anthony A.  SEE: "Review...."

Steyerl, Albert.  SEE: Verezolimsky, B.

Verezolimsky, B. A. Steyerl, O. Kwon, V. Luschikov, A. Strolkov, N. Achia, A. Pichmeier and P. Fierlinger. "Neutron Lifetime Experiment Based on Accordian-Like UCN Storage Volume Coated With "Low Temperature Fomblin." Journal of Research of the National Institute of Standards and Technology. 110(4):351-356. July-August 2005.

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