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Compiled by Margaret J. Keefe

Faculty Publications 2006

Biomedical & Pharmaceutical Sciences

Abu-Lai, N. I., G. Jay, F. Guilak and S. Zauscher. "Effect of Glycoproteins on Friction in Diarthroidal Joints and Between Model Surfaces Measured With Lateral Face Microscopy (Abstract)." Abstracts of Papers of the American Chemical Society. 231:COLL 425. March 2006.

Agarwal, Hitesh, Jumer, and Keykavous Parang. "Solid Phase Synthesis of Dinucleoside and Nucleoside-Carbohydrate Phosphodiesters and Thiophospodiesters (Abstract)." Abstracts of Papers of the American Chemical Society. CARB-005. 2006.

Ahmadibeni, Yousef and Keykavous Parang. "Application of a Solid-Phase Beta-Triphospitylating Reagent in the Synthesis of Nucleoside Beta-Triphosphates." Journal of Organic Chemistry. 71(17):6693-6696. August 18, 2006.

Ahmadibeni, Yousef and Keykavous Parang. "Selective Solid-Phase Beta-Triphosphorylation of Unprotected Nucleosides (Abstract)." Abstracts of Papers of the American Chemical Society. ORGN-216. 2006.

Ahmadibeni, Yousef and Keykavous Parang. "Solid Phase Synthesis of Dinucleoside and Nucleoside-Carbohydrate Phosphodiesters and Thiophospodiesters." Journal of Organic Chemistry. 71(7):6693-6696. August 18, 2006.

Ahmadibeni, Yousef and Keykavous Parang. "Synthesis of Modified Oligonucleotides Containing Diphosphate Diester Bridges (Abstract)." Abstracts of Papers of the American Chemical Society. ORGN-218. 2006.

Ahmed, Aftab.  SEE: Sadri, Maziar.

Akhlaghi,  Fatemeh A.  SEE also: Mendoza, Anisha E.; Patel, Chirag G.; Rosenbaum, Sara E.; Sam, W.; Shi, Deshi.; Zahir, Hammin.

Akhlaghi, Fatemeh, Anisha Mendoza, Katherine Richman, Patricia Zuniga and Reginald Gohh. "One Year Therapy Results of Preoperative Single Bolus Antithymocyte Globulin Induction Therapy in Sensitized Renal Transplant Recipients." Transplantation. 82(1):483. Supp. B. 2006.

Akhlaghi, Fatemeh, Chirag G. Patel, X. Patricia Zuniga, Jeanana Halilovic, Ido S. Preis and Reginald Y. Gohh. "Pharmacokinetics of Mycophenolic Acid in Diabetes Kidney Transplant Recipients." Therapeutic Drug Monitoring. 28(1):95-101. February 2006.

Ayrapatov, Marina K., Yue-Hao Wang, Xiaofeng Lin, X. Gu, Keykavous Parang and Gongqin Sun. "Conformational Basis for Sh2-Tyr(P)527 Binding in Src Inactivation." Journal of Biological Chemistry.  281(33):23776-23784. 18 August 2006.

Basha, Md. Riyaz, Nykeba S. Braddy, Nasser H. Zawia and Prasada Rao S. Kodavanti. "Ontogenetic Alterations in Prototypical Transcription Factors in the Rat Cerebellum and Hippocampus Following Perinatal Exposure to a Commercial PCB Mixture." NeuroToxicology. 27(1):118-124. January 2006.

Boekelheide, Kim.  SEE: Emerich, Dwaine F.; Kavlock, Robert.;  Rasoulpour, Reza J.

Bolin, Celeste M., Riyaz Basha, David Cox, Nasser H. Zawia, Bryan Maloney, Debomoy K. Lahiri and Fernando Cardoza-Pelaez. "Exposure to Lead  and the Developmental Origin of Oxidative DNA Damage in the Aging Brain." FASEB Journal. 20(6):788-790. April  2006.

Bordaweka, M. S., H. Zia and A. Quadir. "Evaluation of Polyvinyl Acetate Dispersion as a Sustained Release Polymer for Tablets." Drug Delivery. 13(2):121-131. March-April 2006.

Bunz, Thomas J., Brian J. Quilliam, Rita M. Marcoux and E. Paul Larrat. "Use of Administrative Data to Observe the Cost and Prescribing Patterns for Mental Health Care in a Medicaid Population (Abstract)." Pharmacoepidemiology and Drug Safety. 15:S189 405. Suppl.1. August 2006.

Carballeira, N. M., D. Sanabria, C. Cruz, K. Parang, B. Wan and S. Franzblau. "2,6-Hexadecadiynoic Acid and 2,6-Nonadecadiynoic Acid: Novel Synthesized Acetylenic Fatty Acids as Potent Anti-Fungal Agents (Abstract)." Abstracts of Papers of the American Chemical Society. MEDI-336. 2006.

Carballeira, Nestor M., David Sanabria, Clarisa Cruz, Keykavous Parang, Baojie Wan and Scott Franzblau. "2,6-Hexadecadiynoic Acid and 2,6-Nonadecadiynoic Acid: Novel Synthesized Acetylenic Fatty Acids as Potent Anti-Fungal Agents." Lipids. 41(5):507-511. May 2006.

Chichester, Clinton O.  SEE: Elsaid, K. A.

Cho, Bongsup P.  SEE: Jain, Nidhi; Li, Linge; Liang, Fenting; Liang, H. F.; Meneni, Srinivasa R.; Yang, Tianli.

Deng, Ruitang,   SEE also: Li, Y.

Deng, Ruitang, Dongfang Yang, Jian Yang and Bingfang Yan. "Oxysterol 22(R)-hydroxycholesterol Induces the Expression of the Bile Salt Export Pump Through Nuclear Receptor Farsenoid X Receptor But Not Liver X Receptor." Journal of Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics. 317(1):317-325. April 2006.

Dobo, Krista L., Nigel Greene, Michelle O. Cyr, Stephane Caron and Warren W. Ku. "The Application of Structure-Based Assessment to Support Safety and Chemistry Diligence to Manage Genotixic Impurities in Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients During Drug Development." Regulatory Toxicology and Pharmacology: RTP. 44(3):282-293. 2006.

Donahue, Maura, Wei Wei, Jingfang Wu, Nasser H. Zawia, Nicholas Hud, Victor De Jesus, Detlelf Schmechel, Justin M. Hettrick, Donald H. Beezhold and Stephen Vesper. "Characterization of Nigerlysin C, Hemolysin Produced by Aspergillus niger, and Effect on Mouse Neural Cells." Toxicology. 219)1-2):150-155. 2006.

Elsaid, K. A. and C. O. Chichester. "Review: Collagen Markers in Early Arthritic Diseases." Clinica Chemica Acta. 365(1-2):68-77. March 2006.

Emerich, Dwaine F., Christopher G. Thanos, Moses Goddard, Stephen J. M. Skinner, Marilyn S. Geany, William J. Bell, Briannan Bintz, Patricia Schneider, Yaping Chu, Rangasamy Suresh Babu, Cesario V. Borlongan, Kim Boekelheide, Susan Hall, Bronwyn Brown and Jeffrey H. Korsower. "Extensive Neuroprotection by Choroid plexus Transplants in Excitotoxin Lesioned Monkeys." Neurobiology of Disease. 23(2):4710480. August 2006.

Fast, L. D., M. Rucevic, G. Jay and Y. P. Lin. "The Role of Granzyme K in Inflammatory Response." Journal of Immunology. 176(Suppl.S):99. April 1, 2006.

Ferguson, Stephen S., James Wright, Josh Stover, Patricia Pawlowski, Jean Hatfield, Matthew Smith, Edward L. Lecluyse, Chrstine Baucom and Bingfang Yan. "Investigation of the Induction Properties of HMG-CoA Reductase Inhibitors Cerivastatin, Simvastatin, Atorvastatin, Pravastatin, and Fluvastatin in Cultures pf Primary Human Hepatocytes (Abstract)." Drug Metabolism Reviews. 38:116-117. 181 Suppl.2. 2006.

Forschner, S. R., D. C. Rowley and D. C. Smith. "Exploration of Deeply Buried Arctic Sediments - Microbial Diversity and Novel Biomendical Resources." EOS. 87(36). September 2006.

Gong, Xiaoming, Shu-Whei Tsai, Bingfang Yen and Lewis P. Rubin. "Cooperation Between MEF2 and PPAR Gamma in Human Intestinal Beta, Beta-Carotene 5, 15'-Monoxygenase Gene Expression." BMC Molecular Biology. 7:#7. February 21, 2006.

Gu, Xianfang, Yuehao Wang, Anil Kumar, Guofeng Ye, Keykavous Parang and Gongqin Sun. "Design and Evaluation of Hydroxamate Derivatives as Metal-Mediated Inhibitors of a Protein Tynosine Kinase." Journal of Medicinal Chemistry. 49(25):7532-7539. December 14, 2006.

Hanari, Nobuyasu, Kurunthachalam Kannan, Yuichi Miyake, Tsuyoshi Okazawa, Prasada Rao S. Kodavanti, Kenneth M. Aldous and Nobuyoshi Yamashita. "Occurrence of Polydominated Biphenyls, Polydominated Dibenzo-p-Dioxins, and Polydominated Dihenzofuranas Impurities in Commercial Polydominated Ether Mixtures." Environmental Science & Technology. 40(14):4400-4405. July 15, 2006.

Jain, Nidhi, Yana Reshetnyak and Bongsup Cho. "Probing the Aminofluorebe-Induced Conformational Heterogeneity by 2-Aminopurine Fluorescence Studies (Abstract) ." Abstracts of Papers of the American Chemistry Society. 232:TOXI-049. 2006.

Jain, Nidhi, Yana Reshetnyak and Bongsup Cho. "Probing the Aminofluorebe-Induced Conformational Heterogeneity by 2-Aminopurine Fluorescence Studies." Chemical Research and Toxicology. 19(12):1886-87. 49. December 2006.

Jay, Gregory D.   SEE also: Abu-Lai, N. I.; Fast, L. D.; McMurdy, Ramney, Megan; John W.; Rayner, James; Sun, Y. L.

Jay, Gregory D Characterization of Tribonectins From Human Synovial Fluid as a Lubricating Protein Useful for Viscosupplementation of Injured or Arthritic Joint. U.S. 34p. Continue-in-Part of U.S. Serial Set No.298,970. US 7001881 B1 20060221. 2006.

Jay, Gregory D. Tribonectins. U.S. (2006) 34pp. Cont-in-Part of US Serial No.298,970.

Kavlock, R.obert, Dana Barr, Kim Boekelheide, William Breslin, Patrick. Breysse, Robert Chapin, Kevin Guido, Ernest Hodgson, Michele Marcus, Katherine Shea and Paige Williams. "NTP-CERHR Expert Panel Update on the Reproductive and Developmental Toxicity of di(2-ethylhexyl)phthalate." Reproductive Toxicology. 22(3):291-399. October 2006.

King, Roberta S., Anasuya A. Ghosh and Jinfang Wu. "Inhibition of Human Phenol and Estrogen Sulfotransferase by Certain Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Agents." Current Drug Metabolism. 7(7):745-753. October 2006.

Kodavanti, Prasada Rao S.  SEE also: Basha, Md. Riyaz; Hanari, Nobuyasu.

Kodavanti, P. S., J. Richards, M. C. Schladweiler, U. P. Kodavanti, J. D. Farmer, R. C. Macphall. "Brain Aconitase Activity in Spontaneously Hypertensive (SHR) and Wistar-Kyoto (WKY) Rats (Abstract)." Journal of Neurochemistry. 96(Suppl.1):148. March 2006.

Ku, Warren W.  SEE: Dobo, Krista L.

Kumar, Anil, Guofeng Ya and Keykavous Parang. "Application of Two Safety-Catch Linkers in Solid-Phase Synthesis of Sulfanamides (Abstract)." Abstracts of Papers of the American Chemical Society. 232:ORGN-221. 2006.

Kumar, Anil, Guofeng Ya, Yuehao Wang, Xiafeng Lin, Gongqin Sun and Keykavous Parang. "Synthesis and Structure-Activity Relationships of Linear and Conformationally Constrained Peptide Analysis of CIYKYY as Src Tyrosine Kinose Inhibitors." Journal of Medicinal Chemistry. 49(1):3395-3401. 2006.

Kumar, Amil, Guofeng Ye, Yousef Ahmadiben and Keykavous Parang. "Synthesis of Polymer-Bound 4-Acetoxy-3-Phenylbenzaldehyde Derivatives: Applications in Solid Phase Organic Synthesis." Journal of Organic Chemistry. 71(20):7915-7918. September 29, 2006.

Lahiri, Debomoy K, Yuan-Wen Ge, Md Basha Riyaz, Bryan Maloney, De-Mao Chen and Nasser Zawia. "Genetics & Epigenetic Studies in AD (Abstract)." Alzheimer's and Dementia. 2(3,Suppl):S24. July 2006.

Lapane, K. L., B. J. Quilliam and C. M. Hughes. "Beyond Dispensing: What Pharmacists Do to Intervene to Improve Outcomes of Nursing Home Residents? (Abstract)." Pharmacoepidemiology and Drug Safety. 15:S201 430. Suppl.1. August 2006.`

Lahiri, D. K, B. Maloney, M.R. Basha, Y,. W. Ge, N. H. Grieg, K. Sambamurti and Nasser Zawia. "Genetics & Epigenetic Studies in Alzheimer's Disease: Reprogramming of Gene Expression by Environmental Agents During Development."  IN: Proceedings of the 10th International Conference on Alzheimer's Disease and Related Disorders (July 16-20, Madrid, Spain, 2006)

Lapane, K. L., B. J. Quilliam and C. M. Hughes. "Does Where You Distributed Impact What You Get? The Role of Distribution Method on Response rates and Positivity Bias in a Patient Safety Questionnaire in Nursing Homes  (Abstract)." Pharmacoepidemiology and Drug Safety. 15:S201 430. Suppl.1. August 2006.

Lashuel, Hilal A. and Nasser Zawia. "Islam: Governments Need to Reform Education and Build a Scientific Culture." Nature. 444(7109):545. November 30, 2006.

Lee, Sungsoo, Marina K. Ayrapetov, David J. Kemble, Keykavous Parang and Gongqin Sun. "Docking-Based Substrate Recognition by the Catalytic Domain of a Protein Tyrosine Kinase, C-Terminal Src Kinase (Csk)." Journal of Biological Chemistry. 281(12):8183-8189. March 24, 2006.

Letendre, Donald E. "Against the Wind." Pharmacotherapy. 26(5):597-600. May 2006.

Levin, Daren S., Paul Vouros, Raamen A. Miller, Erkinjon G. Nazarov and James C. Morris. "Characterization of Gas-Phase Molecular Interactions on Differential Mobility Ion Behavior Utilizing an Electrospray Ionization-Differential Mobility-Mass Spectrometer System." Analytical Chemistry. 78(1):96-106. January 1, 2006.

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Li Y., M. Xie, J. Yang, D. Yang, R. Deng, Y. Wan and B. Yan. "The Expression of Antiapoptotic Protein Survivin Is Transcriptionally Upregulated by DEC1 Primarily Through Multiple Sp1 Binding Sites in the Proximal Promoter." Oncogene. 25(23):3296-3306. June 2006.

Liang, Fenting, Srinivasarao Memini and Bongsup P. Cho. "Induced Circular Dichroism Characteristics as Conformational Probes for Carcinogenic Amino Fluorane-DNA Adducts (Abstract)." Abstracts of Papers of the American Chemical Society. 232:TOXI-049. 2006.

Liang, Fenting, Srinivasarao Memini and Bongsup P. Cho. "Induced Circular Dichroism Characteristics as Conformational Probes for Carcinogenic Amino Fluorane-DNA Adducts." Chemical Research in Toxicology. 19(8):1040-1043. August 2006.

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Monkhouse, Donald C.  SEE: Wang, Chen-Chao.

Mould, Diane R.  SEE also: Tannenbaum, Stacey J..

Mould, Diane R., Gini F. Fleming, Kathleen M. Dacy and David Spriggs. "Population Analysis of a 24-h Paclitaxel Infusion in Advanced Endometrial Cancer: A Gynaecological Oncology Study Group." British Journal of Clinical Pharamcology. 62(1):56-70. July 2006.

Parang, Keykavous.  SEE:  Agarwahl, Hitesh; Ahmadibeni, Yousef; Ayrapetov, Maria K.; Carbealleira, N. M.; Cu, Xianfeng; Gu, Y.; Kumar, A.; Lee, Sungsoo; Lin, Xiaofeng; Ye, Guofeng.

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Quilliam, Brian J.  SEE: Bunz, Thomas J.; Lapane, Kate L.

Rajebahadur, Minal, Hossein Zia, Anthony Nues and Chong Lee. "Mechanistic Study of Solubility Enhancement of Nifedipine Using Vitamin E TPGS or Solutol HS-15." Drug Delivery. 13(3):201-206. May 2006.

Ranney, Megan, Robert Partridge, Gregory D. Jay, Deborah Eastman Rozzoli and P.rativaPandey. "Rabies Antibiody Seroprotection Rates Among Travelers in Nepal: 'Rabies Seroprotection in Travelers'." Journal of Travel Medicine. 13(6):329-333. November-December 2006.

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Rayner, James, Flor Trespalacious, Jason Machan, Vijaya Potluri, George Brown, Linda M. Quattrucci and Gregory D. Jay. "Continuous Noninvasive Measurement of Pulsus Paradoxus Complements Medical Decision Making in Assessment of Acute Asthma Severity." Chest. 130(3):754-765. September 2006.

Rosenbaum, Sarah E.  SEE also: Sam, W.

Rosenbaum, Sara E., Wang Lee and Patricia Powell. "Interactive Computer Programs to Teach Clinical Pharmacokinetics and Dose Optimization Methods." Journal of Clinical Pharmacology. 46(9):1075. September 2006.

Rosenbaum, Sara E. and Fatemeh Akhlaghi. "Letter to the Editor." Drug Monitor. 28(1):139. February 2006.

Rowley, David C.  SEE also: Forschner, S. R.; Socia, Aaran M.

Rowley, David C. "Defensive Chemistry: Interactions Between Bacteria in the Marine Realm (Abstract)." Abstracts of Papers of the American Chemical Society. 231:ORGN-002. 2006.

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Shaikh, Zahir A.  SEE: Tang, Weifeng; Xie, Jianxun.

Shi, Deshi, Jian Yang, Edward L. Lecluyse, Chris Black, Li You, Fatemah Aklaghi and Bingfang Yan. "Anti-Influenza Pro Drug Oseltanivir Is Activated by Carboxylesterase 1, and the Activation Is Inhibited by Antiplatelet Agent Clopidogrel." Journal of Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics. 319(3):1477-1484. December 2006.

Shimuzu, Yuzuru.  SEE: Thammana, Sudhakararao.

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Zawia, Nasser H.  SEE: Basha, Md. Riyaz; Bolin, Celeste M.; Donahue, Maura; Lahiri, Deboomoy; Lashuel, Hilal A..

Zhou, Changlin, Lihua Qiu, Yun Sun, Sarah Healey, Harold Wanebo, Nicola Kouttab, Wen Di, Bingfang Yan and Yinsheng Wan. "Inhibition of EGFR/PI3K/AKT Cell Survived Pathway Promotes TSA's Effect on Cell Death and Migration in Human Ovavrian Cancer Cells." International Journal of Oncology. 29(1):269-278. July 2006.

Zia, Hossein.  SEE: Bordaweka, W. S.;  Rajebahadur, Minal.

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