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Compiled by Margaret J. Keefe

Faculty Publications 2006

Civil & Environmental

Bradshaw, A. S., C. D. P. Baxter, G. Tsiatis, A. Marinucli, J. Rester and R. Morgan. "Simple Dynamic Model for Fender Pile Analysis and Design." Journal of Waterway, Port, Coastal and Ocean Engineering. 132(5):419-422. September/October 2006.

Gindy, Mayrai.  SEE also: Vaccaro, Richard J.; Velde, J.

Gindy, M. and H. Nassif. "Comparison of Traffic Load Models Based on Simulated and Measured Data."  IN: Proceedings of the International Conference on Computing and Decision Making in Civil and Building Engineering. 2006.  p.1-10.

Gindy, M. and H. Nassif. "Effect of Bridge Live Load Based on 10 Years of WIM Data."  IN: Proceedings of the Third International Conference on Bridge Maintenance, Safety and Management. 2006.  p.1-8.

Gindy, M.  "A New Approach to Undergraduate Structural Engineering Laboratory Instruction."  IN: Proceedings of the American Society for Engineering Education New England Section. 2006.  p.1-9.

Lee, K. Wayne and Kamyar C. Mahboub, Editors. Asphalt Mix Design and Construction: Past, Present, and Future. American Society of Civil Engineers. 2006.  188p.

Lee, Kang-Won Wayne, Pemmaraju Venkata, Hari Priya and George Tsiatis. "The Buried Joint Approach for Expansion Joint Retrofit - A Case Study." Transportation Research Board Annual Meeting. Paper #06-2606. 2006.  16p.

Lee, Kang-Won Wayne, Kyungwon Park and Francis Manning. "Systematic  Procedure to Optimize Mineral Aggregate Gradations for Asphalt Mix Design." Transportation Research Board Annual Meeting. Paper #06-1815. 2006.  21p.

Thiem, Leon T. and Michael J. Derotto. Field Performance of Hydrodynamic Separator Units. Rhode Island Department of Transportation Research and Technology Section. 2006. 2006.  84p.

Thomas, Natacha Elizabeth. "Safety Performance Functions at Midblock for Bicycle Fatalities." Transportation Research Board Annual Meeting. Paper #06-2066. 2006.  24p.

Tsiatis, George E,  SEE: Bradshaw, A. S.; Lee, Kang-Won Wayne.

Urish, Daniel W., Richard K. Frohlich, Francesco C. Rodriguez and Luis F. A. Teixeira. "Geo-Electrical Groundwater Exploration on a Volcanic Island: Terseira, Azores Islands."  IN: SEG 2006 Geophysics Workshop, Vancouver, B. C. July 2006

Vaccaro, Richard J., Mayrai Gindy, Hani Nassif and Jane Velde. "An Algorithm for Estimating Bridge Deflection From Accelerometer Measurements."  IN: Conference Records of the 40th Asilomar Conference on Signals, Systems and Computers, ACSSC '06. 2006.  p.540-544.

Velde, J., M. Gindy and H. Nassif. "Estimation of Bridge Displacements From Measured Acceleration Records."  IN: Proceedings of the 23rd Southeastern Conference on Theoretical and Applied Mechanics. 2006.  p.1-8.

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