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Compiled by Margaret J. Keefe

Faculty Publications 2006


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Lardaro, Leonard. "A Tangled Web of R. I. Competitiveness." Providence Journal. May 18, 2006.  p.B4.

McIntyre, Richard. "Are Labor Rights Human Rights and Would It Matter If They Were?" Human Rights & Human Welfare. 6:1-12. 2006.

McIntyre, Richard. "A Message From the Director." University of Rhode Island Honors Program Newsletter. 1(1):1. Fall 2006.

McIntyre, Richard and Matthew M. Bodah. “The United States and ILO Conventions 87 and 98; The Freedom of Association and the Right to Bargain Collectively.”  IN: Justice on the Job: Perspectives on the Erosion of Collective Bargaining in the United States. Edited by Richard N. Block, Sheldon Friedman, Michelle Kaminski and Andy Levin. W. E. Upjohn Institute for Employment Research. 2006.  p.231-247.

Ramsay, Glenworth A.  SEE: Arditi, Lynn.

Ramstad, Yngve.  SEE also: URI....

Ramstad, Yngve. URI Tradtional Jazz Band (Concert). University of Rhode Island. February 2-3, 2006; February 27, April 27, 2006.  (CD)

URI Traditional Jazz Concerts .  Lunchtime Concert Memorial Union, October 31, 2006; Fine Arts Center, December 1, 2006. (URI Tradtional Jazz Band: Judy Kinnie, FRANK DeLUISE, Stephen Greub, LARRY GREBSTEIN, Mark Berney, YNGVE RAMSTAD, JIM KINNIE, Ed Foster, Eric Underhill, Lyle Hill, Gerald Gliottone; GARY BUTTERY, Director.)

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