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Compiled by Margaret J. Keefe

Faculty Publications 2006

Fisheries, Animal & Veterinary Science

Amemiya, Chris T. and Marta Gomez-Chiarri. "Comparative Genomics in Vertebrate Evolutions and Development." Journal of Experimental Zoology. Pt. A - Comparative Experimental Biology. 305(9):672-682. September 1, 2006.

Bengtson, David  A.  SEE: Breves, J. P.; Getchis, T. S.; Katersky, Robin S.; Peck, Myron; Reardon, D. R.

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Castro, Kathleen M.  SEE also: Cobb, J. Stanley; Factor, Jan Robert; Skrobe, L.

Castro, Kathleen M., Jan Robert Factor, Thomas Angell and Donald F. Landers. "The Conceptual Approach to Lobster Shell Disease Revisited." Journal of Crustacean Biology. 26(4):646-660. November 2006.

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Costa-Pierce, Barry.   SEE also: Stickney, R. B.

Costa-Pierce, Barry A.  "Can We Have Sustainable Coastal Cities?" 41 Degrees North. 3(2): 2-6. 2006.

Costa-Pierce, Barry. "Sustainability Indices for Mariculture Operations."  IN: Report of the Working Group on Environmental Interactions of Mariculture (WGEIM), 24-28 April 2006, Narragansett, Rhode Island, USA." 2006.  p.14-31.

De Alteris, Joseph T.  SEE also: Resma, Samuel E.

De Alteris, Joseph T., Thomas England and John A. D. Burnett. "Trends in Fish Abundance in the Mount Hope Bay: Is the Brayton Point Power Station Affecting Fish Stock?" Northeastern Naturalist. 13(4):96-116. December 2006. 

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Dowd, W. Wesley, Richard W. Brill, Peter G. Bushmill and John A. Musick. "Estimating Consumption Rates of Juvenile Sandbar Sharks (Carcharhinus plumbeus) in Chesapeake Bay, Virginia, Using a Bioenergetics Model." Fishery Bulletin. 104(3):332-342. 2006.

Dowd, W. Wesley, Richard W. Brill, Peter G. Bushmill and John A. Musick. "Standard and Routine Metabolic Rates of Juvenile Sandbar Sharks (Carcharhinus plumbeus), Including the Effects of Body Mass and Acute Temperature Change." Fishery Bulletin. 104(3):323-331. 2006.

Factor, Jan Robert, Kathleen M. Castro and Barbara A. Somers. "Sea Grant 3rd Annual Science Symposium - Lobsters as Model Organisms for Interfacing Behavior, Ecology, and Fisheries: Discussion Session Summary on Disease and Population Level Impacts." Journal of Crustacean Biology. 26(4):661-662. November 2006.

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Garla, Richard C., Demien Chapman, Bradley M. Wetherbee and Mahmood Shivji. "Movement Patterns of Young  Caribbean Reef Sharks, Carcharhinus perezi, at Fernando de Noronha Arcipellagos, Brazil: The Potential of Marine Protected Areas for Conservation of a Nursing Ground." Marine Biology. 149(2):189-199. May 2006.

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Gentile, John H.  SEE: Harwell, Mark A.

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Gleason, Timothy R.  SEE: Gutjahr-Gobell, Ruth E.

Goldman, Kenneth J. and John A. Musick. "Growth and Maturity of Salmon Sharks (Lomna ditropis) in the Eastern and Western North Pacific, and Comments on Back-Calculation Methods." Fishery Bulletin. 104(2):278-292. 2006.

Goldman, Kenneth J., Steven Branstetter and John A. Musick. "A Re-Examination of the Age and Growth of Sand Tiger Sharks, Carcharias taurus, in the Western North Atlantic: The Importance of Ageing Protocols and Use of Multiple Back-Calculation Techniques." Environmental Biology of Fishes. 77(3-4):241-252. 2006.

Gomez-Chiarri, Marta.  SEE also: Amemiya, Chris T.; Cohen, Sarah; Diner, E.; Gomez-Leon, Javier;  Remacha-Trivino, Antonio; Soffientino, Bruno.

Gomez-Leon, Javier, Luisa Villamil, Rachel Handley and Marta Gomez-Chiarri. "Testing Disease Resistance in Oysters: Experimental Infections With Bacterial Pathogens on Crassostrea virginica Larvae and Spat  (Abstract)." Journal of Shellfish Research. 25(2):680. August 2006.

Grant, J. and M. A. Rice. "Condition Index Study of Quahog Populations in  Narragansett Bay, Rhode Island  (Abstract)." Journal of Shellfish Research. 25(2):662. August 2006.

Gutjahr-Gobell, Ruth E., Gerald E. Zaroogian, Doranne J. Borsay Horowitz, Timothy R. Gleason and Lesley J. Mills. "Individual Effects of Estrogens on a Marine Fish, Cunner (Tautogolabrus adspersus), Extrapolated to the Population Level." Ecotoxicology and Environmental Safety. 63(2):244-252. 2006.

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Hare, Jonathan A.  SEE also: Bolinder, Anne; Powles, Perce M.; Thorrold, Simon R.; Walsh, Harvey J.; Wuenschel, Mark J.

Hare, Jonathan A., Harvey J. Walsh and Mark J. Wuenschal. "Sinking Rates of Late-Stage Fish Larvae: Implications for Larval Ingress Into Estuarine Nursery Habitats." Journal of Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology. 330(2):493-514. 21 March 2006.

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Kim, Chang-Ryul, Grazyna B. Sadowska, Katherine H. Petersson, Maricruz Merino, Gregory D. Sysyn, James F. Padbury and Barbara S. Stonestreet. "Effects of Postnatal Steroids on Na+/K+- ATPase Activity in the Alpha J1- and Beta 1- Subunit Protein Expression in the Cerebral Cortex and Renal Cortex of Newborn Lambs." Reproduction Fertility and Development. 18(4):413-423. 2006.

Lowe, Christopher G., Bradley M. Wetherbee and Carl G. Meyer. "Using Acoustic Telemetry Monitoring Techniques to Quantify Movement Patterns and Site Fidelity of Shatks and Trevally Around French Frigate Shoals and Midway Atoll." Atoll Research Bulletin. 543:281-303. 2006.

Lyons, M. Maille, Roxanne Smolowitz, Christopher F. Dungan, Steven B. Roberts. "Development of a Real Time Quantitative PCR Assay for the Hard Clam Pathogen Quahog Parasite Unknown (QPX)."  Diseases of Aquatic Organisms. 72(1):45-52. 2006.

McElroy, W. David, Bradley M. Wetherbee, Carolyn S. Mostello, Christopher G. Lee, Gerald Crow and Richard C. Wacs. "Food Habits and Ontogenetic Change in the Diet of the Sandbar Shark, Carcharhinus plumbeus, in Hawaii." Environmental Biology of Fishes. 76(1):81-92. May 2006.

Musick, John A.  SEE: Dowd, W. Wesley; Goldman, Kenneth J.; Romine, Jason.

Papastamatiou, Yannis P., Bradley M. Wetherbee, Christopher  G. Lowe and Gerald L. Crow. "Distribution and Diet of Four Species of Carcharhinid Shark in the Hawaiian Islands: Evidence for Resource Partitioning and Competitive Exclusion." Marine Progress Ecology Progress. 320:239-251. August 29, 2006.

Peck, Myron A., Lawrence J. Buckley and David A. Bengtson. "Effects of Temperature and Body Size on the Swimming Speed of Larval and Juvenile Atlantic Cod (Gadus Morhua): Implications for Individual-Based Modelling." Environmental Biology of Fishes.75(4):419-428. April 2006.

Petersson, Katherine H.  SEE: Kim, Chang Ryul; Sadowska, Grazyna B.

Powles, Perce M., Jonathan A. Hare, Elizabeth H. Laban and Stanley M. Warter. "Does Eel Metamorphosis Cause a Breakdown in the Tenets of Otolith Applications? A Case Study Using the Speckled Worm Eel (Myrophis punctatus, Opichthidae)." Canadian Journal of Fisheries & Aquatic Sciences. 63(7):140-158. July 2006.

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Recksiek, Conrad W.  SEE: Fischer, Godi.

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Rice, Michael A.  SEE also: Grant, J.; Resma, Samuel E.

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Sartini, Becky L.  SEE: Wang, Hand.

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Wetherbee, Bradley M.  SEE: Freitas, R. H. A.; Garla, Richard C.; Lowe, Christopher G.; McElroy, W. David; Papastamatiou, Y.

Wuenschel, Mark J., Amelia R. Jugovich and Jonathan A. Hare. "Estimating the Energy Density of Fish: The Importance of Ontageny." Transactions of the American Fisheries Society. 135(2):379-387. 2006.

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