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Compiled by Margaret J. Keefe

Faculty Publications 2006

 Nutrition & Food Science

Andrade, A., T. Minaker and K. J. Melanson. "Eating Rate and satiation in Lean Women (Oral Presentation)  (Abstract)." International Journal of Obesity. 112(s):A57. 2004.

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Caldwell, Marjorie J.  SEE: Blissmer, Bryan; Riebe, Deborah.

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Dymsza, Henry. "A Healthy Diet (Letter)." Providence Journal. December 16, 2006.  p.F5.

Greene, Geoffrey W.  SEE: Blissmer, Byran; Kresge, D.; Melanson, Kathleen J.; Park, Amanda; Riebe, Deborah; Schembre, S.; Shafer, Kimberly.

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Heimendinger, Jerianne.  SEE: Thompson, Henry J.

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Lee, Chong M.   SEE: Chen, Xi-Guang; Choi, Won Y.; Rajebahadur, Minal; .

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Melanson, Kathleen J.  SEE also: Andrade. A.; Kresge, Daniel L.; Lowndes, J.; Schembre, S.; St. Hillaire, B.; Wei, W.

Melanson, Kathleen J., Theodore J. Angelopoulos, Von T. Nguyan, Margaret Martini, Linda Zuckley, Joshua Lowndes, Thomas J. Dube, Justin J. Fiutem, Byron W. Yount and James M. Rippe. "Consumption of Whole-Grain Cereals During Weight Loss: Effects on Dietary Quality, Dietary Fiber, Magnesium, Vitamin B-6, and Obesity." Journal of the American Dietetic Association. 106(9):1380-1385. September 2006.

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Melanson, KathleenJ., Linda Zukley, Joshua Loundes, Von Nguyan, Theodore J. Angelopoulos and J. M. Rippe. "Similar Effects of High Fructose Corn Syrup and Sucrose Consumption on Circulating Levels of Glucose, Leptin, Insulin and Ghrelin (Abstract)." FASEB Journal. 20(4):A593. Pt. 1. March 6, 2006.

Melanson, K. J., L. Zuckley, J. Lowndes, T. J. Angelopoulos and J. M. Ripple. "Similar Effects of High Fructose Corn Syrup and Sucrose Consumption on Circulating Levels of Glucose, Leptin, Insulin and Ghrelin , and on Appetite in Lean Women (Abstract)." Experimental Biology. 2006.

Park, Amanda, Susan Nitzke, Karen Kritsch, Geoffrey Greene, Barbara Lohse, Kendra Kettlemann, Linda Boekner, Adrienne White, Mary Jane Oakland and Sharon Hoerr. "F&V Express Bites: A Stage-Tailored Web Program Aimed to Increase Fruit and Vegetable Intake in Young Adults (Abstract)." Journal of Nutrition Education and Behavior. 38(4):S56-57. Supplement 1. July-August 2006.

Patnoad, Martha S.  SEE: Pivarnik, Lori F.

Pivarnik, Lori F.  SEE also: Guan, D.

Pivarnik, Lori F., Martha S. Patnoad, Nicole L. Leydon and Robert K. Gable. "New England Home Gardeners' Food Safety Knowledge of Fresh Fruits and Vegetables." Food Protection Trends. 26(5):298-309.May  2006.

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Wei, W. and K. J. Melanson. "Metabolic and Appetitive Responses to Test Drinks Sweetened by Fructose or Glucose in Overweight Males (Abstract)."  International Journal of Obesity. 14(9S):A218. 2006.

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