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Faculty Publications
Compiled by Margaret J. Keefe

Faculty Publications 2006

Languages & Literature, Modern & Classical

Davidson, Linda Kay.  SEE: Gitlitz, David M.

DeRada, Girolamo. Opera Omnias XII/1: La Corrispondenza Inedita Tra Girolamo De Rada e Niccolo Tommaseo (1860-1874). Edizion Critica a Cura di Michelangelo La Luna. Rubbettino. 2006.  317p.

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Durand, Alain-Philippe. "Book Review: Foenkinos, David. Le Potentiel Erotique de Ma Femme." French Review. 79(5):1095-1096. April 2006.

Durand, Alain-Philippe. "Book Review: Kashiwagi, Takao. Balzac, Romancier du Regard." French Review. 79(2):414-415. 2006.

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Grandin, John  M. "Globalization and Its Implications for the Profession."   IN: ACTFL 2005-2015: Realizing Our Vision of Languages for All, Edited by Audrey L. Heining-Boynton. Pearson. 2006.  p.175-197.

Grandin, John. "Preparing Engineers for the Global Workplace." Online Journal for Global Engineering Education. 1(1):#3. 9p, 2006.

Grandin, John. "Preparing Engineers for the Global Workplace: The University of Rhode Island."  IN: Proceedings of the Annual Meeting of the American Society for Engineering Education, June 2006.

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Waters, Chris. "Cities on the Plain (Poem)." Parting Gifts. 18(2):57. Winter 2005/06.

Waters, Chris. "Commencement Exercises, 2005 (Poem)." Nebo. 24(2):22-24. Spring 2006.

Waters, Chris. "Death Comes to Ipomoea Sagittata (Poem)." Parting Gifts. 18(2):39. Winter 2005/06.

Waters, Chris. "Empty Nest (Poem)."  IN: Regrets Only: Contemporary Poets on the Theme of Regret Edited by Martha Manno. Purple Pear Press.  2006.  p.63.

Waters, Chris. "Fathers' Sins (Poem)." Parting Gifts. 18(2):40. Winter 2005/06.

Waters, Chris. "Limbos (Poem)."  Nebo. 24(2):12. Spring 2006.

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Waters, Chris. "The Narragansett (Poem)." Parting Gifts. 19(1):84. Summer 2006.

Waters, Chris. "Replacing Beauty (Poem)." Iodine Poetry Journal. Spring/Summer 2006.  p.43-44.

Waters, Chris. "Right End's High School Reunion (Poem)." Parting Gifts. 19(1):82. Summer 2006.

Waters, Chris. "Senegal 1975 (Poem)." River Oak Review. 2(3):145-147. Summer 2006.

Waters, Chris. "Troglodyte Children (Poem)." Parting Gifts. 18(2):58. Winter 2005/06.

Waters, Chris. "University Greek Pizza Palace (Poem)." Meridian Anthology. 4:89. 2006.

Waters, Chris. "Winter (Poem)." Meridian Anthology. 4:90. 2006.

Waters, Chris. "Winter in Siberia (Poem)."  Nebo. 24(2):13. Spring 2006.

Waters, Chris. "The Worries of Lorraine the Cat (Poem)." Parting Gifts. 18(2):59. Winter 2005/06.

Waters, Chris. "You Got Me (Poem)." English Journal. 10(4):80. Winter 2006.

White, Clement A.  "Book Review: Colonial Nationalism: Puerto Rico Revisited." Caribbean Writer. 20:273-276.

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