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Compiled by Margaret J. Keefe

Faculty Publications 2006

Natural Resources Science

Amador, Jose A.  SEE also: Browning, M.

Amador, Jose A., Josef H. Gorres and Mary C. Savin. "Effects of Lumbricus terrestris L. on Nitrogen Dynamics Beyond the Burrow." Applied Soil Ecology. 33(1):1-66. August 2006.

Amador, Jose A., David A. Potts, Mary C. Savin, Peter Tomlinson, Josef H. Gorres and Erica Nicosia. "Mesocosm-Scale Evaluation of Faunal and Microbial Communities of Aerated and Unaerated Leachfield Soil." Journal of Environmental Quality. 35(4):1160-1169. July-August 2006.

Amador, Jose, Libby Miles and C. B. Peters. The Practice of Problem-Based Learning: A Guide to Implementing PBL in the College Classroom. Anker. 2006.  140p.

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August, Peter.

August, Peter, Mark Christofaro and Christopher Damon. " A Digital Gateway to Data and Information on Narragansett Bay." 41 Degrees N. 3(1).  2006.

Boving, T. B., M. H. Stolt, J. Augenstern and B. Brosnan. Porous Pavement and Water Quality: Investigation of a Parking Lot and Its Potential Impact on Subsurface Water. URI Transportation Center. (URITC Project No, 000163) January 2006.  46p.

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Brunjes, Kristina J., Warren B. Ballard, Mary H. Humphrey, Fielding Harwell, Nancy E. McIntyre, Paul R. Krouswan and Mark C. Wallace. "Habitat Use by Sympatric Mule and White-Tailed Deer in Texas. "Journal of Wildlife Management. 70(5):1351-1359. November 2006.

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Compton, Jana E.  SEE also: Asano, Yuko; Claeson, Shannon M.; Ebersole, Joseph L.

Compton, Jana E., Christian P. Anderson, Donald L. Phillips, J. Renee Brooks, Mark G. Johnson, M. Robbins Church, William E. Hogsett, Michael A. Cairns, P. T. Rygiewicz, Brenda C. McComb and Courtney D. Shaff. "Ecological and Water Quality Consequences of Nutrient Addition for Salmon Restoration in the Pacific Northwest." Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment. 4(1):18-26. February 2006.

Crall, Alycia W., Laura A. Meyerson, Thomas J. Stohlgren, Catherine S. Jamevich, Gregory J. Newman and Jim Graham. "Show Me the Numbers: What Data Currently Exist for More Non-Native Species in the USA?" Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment. 4(8):414-418. October 2006.

Ebersole, Joseph L., Parker J. Wigington, Jr., Joan P. Baker, Michael A. Cairnes, M. Robbins Church, Bruce P. Hanson, Bruce A. Miller, Henry R. LaVigne, Jana E. Compton and Scott G. Leibowitz. "Juvenile Coho Salmon and Survival Across Strrea, Network Seasonal Habitats."  Transactions of the American Fisheries Society. 135(6):1681-1697.November  2006.

Fisk, Melany C., Will R. Kessler, Ava Goodale, Timothy J. Fahey, Peter M. Groffman and Charles T. Driscoll. "Landscape Variation in Microanthropod Response to Calcium Addition in a Northern Hardwood Forest Ecosystem." Pedobiology. 50(1):69-78. 26 January 2006.

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Forrester, Graham E. and Rachel  J. Finley. "Parasitism and a Shortage of Refuges Jointly Mediate the Strength of Density Dependence in a Reef Fish." Ecology. 87(5):1110-1115. May 2006.

Gilbert, A. T., A. F. O'Connell, Jr., J. R. Sauer, J. D. Nichols and E. Annand. "Inventory of Terrestrial Mammals  at National Parks in the Northeast Temperate Network and Sagamore Hill NHS (Included "Sampling Tools" - a GIS-Based Software Program for Selecting Samples From Geodatabases." USGC Technical Report Series. 2006.

Gold, Arthur J.  SEE: Groffman, Peter M.

Gorres, Josef H.  SEE: Amador, Jose A.

Groffman, Peter M.  SEE also: Hale, Rebecca L.; Kaye, Jason P.; Suarez, Estaban; Gutierrez, Jorge L.; Szlavecz, Katalin.

Groffman, Peter M. , Board of Editors. Ecology. Vol.87, 2006.

Groffman, Peter M., Melany C. Fiske, Charles T. Driscoll, Gene E. Likens, Timothy J. Fahey, Christopher Eagar and Linda H. Pardo. "Calcium Additions and Microbial Nitrogen Cycle Processes in a Northern hardwood Forest." Ecosystems. 9(8):1289-1305. 2006.

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McWilliams, Scott R.  SEE also: McKinney, Richard A.; Muller, Martin S.; Podlesak, David W.

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Meyerson, Laura A.  SEE: Crall, Alycia W.

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Muller, Martin S., Scott R. McWilliams, David Podlesak, Jack R. Donaldson,  Helen M. Bothwell and R. L. Lindroth. "Tri-Trophic Effects of Plant Defenses: Chickadees Consume Caterpillars Based on Host Leaf Chemistry." Oikos. 114(3):507-517. September 2006.

O'Connell, Allen F., Jr., Neil W. Talancy, Larissa L. Bailey, John R. Sauer, Robert Cook and Andrew T. Gilbert. "Estimating Site Occupancy and Detection Probability Parameters  for Meso- and Large Mammals in a Coastal Ecosystem." Journal of Wildlife Management. 7096):1625-1633. December 2006.

Olsen, Stephen B.  SEE also: Richter, Brian.

Olsen, Stephen B., Jon G. Sutinen, Lawrence Juda, Timothy M. Hennessey and Thomas Grigalunas. A Handbook on Governance and Socioeconomics of Large Marine Ecosystems. URI Coastal Resources Center. 2006.  96p. (

Olsen, Stephen B., Tiruponithura V. Padma and Brian D. Richter. Managing Freshwater Inflows to Estuaries: A Methods Guide. USAID/Nature Conservancy/Coastal Resources Center. 2006.  44p.  (Also published in Spanish)

Olsen, Stephen B., Tiruponithura V. Padma and Brian D. Richter. Guia Para el Manejo del Flujio de Agua Dulce a los Estudios. USAID/Nature Conservancy/Coastal Resources Center. 2006.  44p.  (Also published in English)

Olsen, Stephen B. "New Tools to Track Progress in Eco-System-Based Management From Freshwater to Oceans Endorsed in Beijing Conference on the Global Program of Action." Basins and Coasts News. 1(1):11-12. December 2006.

Paton, Peter W. C.  SEE also: Monteith, Katherine E.; Trocki, Carol Lynn.

Paton, Peter. "Don't Abet Feral Cats' Assault on Nature (Letter)." Providence Journal. February 9, 2006.  p.B5.

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Stolt, Mark H.  SEE: Boving, Thomas B.; Bradley, Michael P.; Morgan, Charles P.

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Suarez, Estaban R., Timothy J. Fahey, Joseph  B. Yavitt and Peter M. Groffman. "Spatial and Temporal Dynamics of Exotic Eartworm Communities Along Invasion Fronts in a Temperate Hardwood Forest in South-Central New York (USA)." Biological Invasions. 8(4):552-564. 2006.

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Tefft, Brian C.  SEE: Whitaker, Darroch M.

Trocki, Carol Lynn and Peter W. C. Paton. "Assessing Habitat Selection by Foraging Egrets in Salt Marshes at Multiple Spatial Scales." Wetlands. 26(2):307-312. June 2006.

Trocki, Carol Lynn and Peter W. C. Paton. "Comparison of Two Foraging Habitats Used by Glossy Ibis During the Breeding Season in Rhode Island." Northeastern Naturalist. 13(1):92-102. 2006.

Wallace, Mark C.  SEE: Brunjes, Kristina J.

Wang, Yong Q.  SEE: Zhou, Y.

Whitaker, Darroch M., Dean F. Stauffer, Gary W. Norman, Patrick K. Devers, Thomas J. Allen, Steve Bittner, David Buehler, John Edwards, Scott Friedhoff, William M. Giuliano, Craig A. Harper and Brian Tefft. "Factors Affecting Habitat Use by Appalachian Ruffed Grouse." Journal of Wildlife Management. 70(2):460-471. 2006.

Zhou, Y., Q. Zhu, J. M. Chen, Y. Q. Wang, J. Liu, R. Sun and S. Tang. "Observation and Simulation of Net Primary Productivity in Qilian Mountain, Western China." Journal of Environmental Management. 2006.

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