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Compiled by Margaret J. Keefe

Faculty Publications 2006

Pharmacy Practice

Basch, Ethan.  SEE also: Brendler, Thomas; Kligler, Benjamin; Ulbricht, Catherine.

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Friedman, Joseph H.  SEE also: Borek, Leona L.; Cherkes, Joseph K.; Chou, K. L.; Grace, J.; Hochstadt, Jesse; Mendelsohn, A.; Moro-de-Casillas, M. L.; Schifitto, G.; Scoggan, Kyle A.

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Kogut, Stephen.  SEE also: Tracy, Susanne; Westrick, Edward; Willey-Temkin, C..

Kogut, Stephen,  Cathy E. Duquette, Greg Low and Mark Regina. "Computerized Physician Order Entry at Hospitals in Rhode Island: A State-Wide Survey." Medicine & Health Rhode Island. 89(2):252-254. July 2006.

Lapane, Kate L.  SEE also: Boardman, Lori A.; Grunier, Andrea; Hughes, Carmel M.; Oliveria, Susan A.; Won, Ada.

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LaPlante, Kerry L.  SEE also: Boardman, Lori A.; Socha, Aaron M.; Ward, Kristina E.

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Marcoux, Rita.  SEE: Bunz, Thomas J.

Matson, Kelly L.  SEE: Orr, Katherine Kelly.

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Mersfelder, Tracey L.  SEE: Ward, Kristina E.

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Orr, Katherine Kelly.  SEE also: Feret, Brett; MacDonnell, Celia P.

Orr, Katherine Kelly. "Lubiprostone: A Novel Chloride Channel Activator for the Treatment of Constipation." Formulary. 41(3):118-120. March 2006.

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Perfetto, Eleanor M.  SEE: Keating, Karen N.

Pires, Leslie.  SEE: Dizon, Don S.

Ruggiero, Laurie.  SEE: Blissmer, Bryan.

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Sesin, Paul.  SEE: Zolnierz, Michael.

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