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Compiled by Margaret J. Keefe

Faculty Publications 2006

Plant Sciences

Adkins, Jeffrey A.  SEE: Fargo, Erik C.

Alm, Steven R.  SEE: Browning, M.; Robbins, Paul S.

Barker, Reed E., Scott Warneke, Geunhwa Jung, Laurel D. Cooper, Rebecca Brown and Jim Dombrowski. "Optimizing Turfgrass Qua.ity Potential With the Aid of Molecular Tools (Abstracts)." Abstracts: 2006 International Annual Meetings. p.[3].

Brown, Rebecca N.  SEE: Barker, Reed E.; Cooper, Laurel D.; Mehlenbacher, Shawn A.

Browning, M. D. B. Wallace, C. Dawson, S. R. Alm and J. A. Amador. "Potential of Butyruc Acid for Control of Soil-Borne Fungal Pathogens and Nematodes Affecting Strawberries." Soil Biology and Biochemistry. 38(2):401-404. February 2006.

Butler, Maria Roger A. Lebrun, Howard S. Ginsberg and Alan D. Gettman. "Effects of Methoprene on Oviposition by Aedes japonicus and Culex Spp." Journal of the American Mosquito Control Association. 22(2):339-342. June 2006.

Butler, Maria, Roger A. Lebrun, Howard S. Ginsberg and Alan D. Gettman. "Efficacy of Methoprene for Mosquito Control in Storm Water Catch Basins." Journal of the American Mosquito Control Association. 22(2):333-338. June 2006.

Casagrande, Richard A.  SEE: Lambert, Adam M.

Chandlee, Joel M.  SEE: Longo, Chip; Luo, Hong.

Connally, Neeta P., Howard S. Ginsberg and Thomas N. Mather. "Assessing Peridomoestic Entomological Factors as Predictors for Lyme Disease." Journal of Vector Ecology. 31(2):364-370. December 2006.

Cooper, Laurel D., Reed E. Barkerl Rebecca Brown, Scott Warneke and Jim Dombrowski." DNA Sequence-Based Multiplex Seed Test for Rapid Differentiation of Ryegrass Growth Types Abstracts)." Abstracts: 2006 International Annual Meetings. p.[9].

Dellaporta, Stephen L.  SEE also: Kamm, Kaii; Signorovitc, Ana Y. Dellaporta.

Dellaporta, Stephen L., Anthony Xu, Sven Sagasser, Wolfgang Jakob, Maria M. Moreno, Leo W. Buss and Bernd Schierwater. "Mitochondrial Genome of Trichoplax adhaerens Supports Placazoa as the Basal Lower Metazoan Phylum." Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States. 103(23):8751-8756. June 62006.

Englander, Larry, Marsha Browning and Paul W. Tooley. "Growth and Sporalation of Phytophthora ramdram in Vitro in Response to Temperature and Light." Mycologia. 98(3):365-373. May-June 2006.

Englander, Larry. "'The Old Ball Game'." WildfloraRI: Bulletin of the Rhode Island Wild Plant Society. 20(3):1,8. Fall 2006.

Fargo, Erik C. and Jeffrey A. Adkins. "Callus Induction and Regeneration in Hydrangea macrophylla (Thunb) Ser." Hortscience. 41(4):1041. July 2006.

Gemma, Jane.  SEE: Koske, Richard E.; Pesto, Amy.

Gettman, Alan D.  SEE: Butler, Maria.

Ginsberg, Howard S.  SEE also: Butler, Maria; Connally, Neeta P.; Lussier, Christine M.; Mixson, Tonya R.; Raithel, Christopher J.

Ginsberg, Howard S., Subject Editor. Journal of Medical Entomology. Vol.43, 2006.

Ginsberg, Howard S., Editorial Board. Northeastern Naturalist. Vol.13, 2006.

Heckman, J. R., W. Jokela, T. Morris, D. B. Beegle, J. T. Sims, F. J. Coale, S. Herbert, T. Griffin, B. Hoskins, J. Jemison, W. M. Sullivan, D. Bhumbla, G. Estes and W. S. Reid. "Soil Test Calibration for Predicting Corn Response to Phosphorus in the Northeast USA." Agronomy. 98(2):286-288. March-April 2006.

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Hull, Richard J.  SEE also: Liu, Haibo.

Hull, Dick. "All in the Family, the Carrot Family - Apiaceae." WildflowerRI. 20(3):Fall 2006.

Hull, Richard J., Advisory Committee. WildfloraRI. Vol.20, 2006.

Jordan, K. S. and N. A. Mitkowski. "Population Dynamics of Plant-Parasitic Nematodes in Golf Course Greens Turf in Southern New England." Plant Diseases. 90(4):21-25. April 2006.

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Koske, R. E. and J. N. Gemma. "Arbuscular Mycorrhizae Effects on Growth of Two Hawaiian Species: Indigenous Osteomeles Anthyllidifolia (Rosaceae) and Invasive Psidium Cattleianum (Myrtaceae)." Pacific Science. 60(4):471-482. October 2006.

Kotsyfakis, Michalis, Anderson Sa-Nunes, Ivo M. B. Franscischetti, Thomas N. Mather, John F. Anderson and Jose M. C. Riberio. "Antinflammatory and Immunosuppresive Activity of Sialostatin I, a Salivary Cystatin From the Tick Ixodes scapularis." Journal of Biological Chemistry. 281(36):26298-26307. September 8, 2006.

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Lambert, Adam M. and Richard A. Casagrande. "No Evidence of Fungal Endophytes in Native and Exotic Pragmites australis." Northeastern Naturalist. 13(4):561-568. December 2006.

Lebrun, Roger A.  SEE: Butler, M.; Lussier, Christine M.; University....

Liu, Haibo and Richard J. Hull. "Comparing Cultivars of Three Cool-Season Turfgrasses for Nitrogen Recovery in Clippings." Hortscience. 41(3):827-831. June 2006.

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Luo, Hong.  SEE also: Longo, Chip.

Luo, H., J. Y. Lee, Q. Hu, K. Vasilichik-Nelson, T. K. Eitas, C. Lickwar, A. P. Kausch, J. M. Chandlee and T. K. Hughes. "RTS, a Rice Another Specific Gene Is Required for Male Fertility and Its Promotion Sequence Directs Tissue-Specific Gene Expression in Different Plant Species." Plant and Molecular Biology. 62(3):397-408. October 2006.

Lussier, Christine M., H. S. Ginsberg and R. A. Lebrun. Distribution of Mosquitos in National Park Units of the Northeastern United States. U.S. Department of the Interior. (Technical Report NPS/aner/nrtar-2006/050) National Park Service, Boston. 2006.  26p.

Massung, Robert F., Thomas N. Mather and M. Richard Levin. "Reservoir Competency of Goats for the Ap-Variant 1 Strain of Anaplsma phagocytophilium." Infection and Immunity. 74(2):1373-1375. February 2006.

Mather, Thomas N.  SEE also: Connally, Neeta P.; Herve, Jean-Yves; Kotsyfakis, Michalis; Massung, Robert F.; Ribeiro, Jose M. C.; Rice Conlon, Jennifer A.; Rodgers, Sarah E.

Mather, Thomas N. "Clock's Ticking for Action Against Ticks; R.I. Even More at Risk." Providence Journal. November 23. 2006.  p.C6.

Mather, Thomas N. "Independent View: More Effort Needed in Tick Fight." South County Independent. December 7, 2006.  p.A10. (Also Published in Newport Daily News)

Mather, Thomas, Sarah Rodgers, Nathan Milelr, Megan Dyer, Kiimberly Kowal Arcand, Jean-Yves Herve, Tim Henry, Brian Mullen and Brandon Edens. Tick Encounter Resource Center. (Website)

Maynard, Brian, Nicholas Castrataro and William Johnson. Soil Mix and Plant Materials for Washington Bridge. Rhode Island Department of Transportation, Research and Technology Development. 2006.  87p.

Mehlenbacher, Shawn A., Rebecca N. Brown, Eduardo R. Nouhra, Tufan Gokirmak Nahla V. Bassil and Thomas L. Kubisiak. "A Genetic Linkage Map for Hazelnut (Coryhuis avellana L.) Based on RAPD and SSRMarkers." Genome. 49(2):122-133. February 2006.

Mitkowski, Nathaniel A.  SEE also: Jordan, K. S.

Mitkowski, Nathaniel. "Dealing With Bacterial Wilt on Poa." Turfgrass Trends. July 10, 2006.

Mitkowski, N. A. and B. Boesch. "Efficacy of Fungicides for Control of Dollar Spot on Creeping Bentgrass, 2005." F&N Tests. 61:T003. 2006.

Mitkowski, N. A. and B. Boesch. "Efficacy of Mid-Season Fungicide Application for Curative Control of Summer Patch, 2005." F&N Tests. 61:T002. 2006.

Mitkowski, N. A. and S. Collucci. "The Identification of a Limited Number of Vegetative Compatibility Groups Within Isolates of Sclerotinia Homeoeocarpa Infecting Poa spp. and Agrastis palustris From Temperate Climates." Journal of Phytopathology. 154(7-8):500-503. August 2006.

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Mixson, Tonya R., Scott R. Campbell, James S. Gill, Howard S. Ginsberg, Mason V. Reichard, Terry L. Schulze, Gregory A. Dasch. "Prevalence of Ehrilichia borrelia, and Rickettsial Agents in Amblyemma americanum (Acarii: Isodidae) Collected From Nine States." Journal of Medical Entomology. 48(6):1261-1268. November 2006.

Pesto, Amy. "Artist Jane Gemma Demonstrates the Wonders of Yupo." TIMEOUT (Narragansett Times). August 18, 2006.  p.4.

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Riberio, J. M. C., J. G. Valenzuela, R. Charlab and T. N. Mather. Ixodes Salivary Anticomplement Protein. 2006 U.S. Patent (no. 7,153,947)/European Patent (Pending).

Rice Conlon, Jennifer A., Thomas N. Mather, Patrick Tanner, Guillermo Gallo and Richard H. Jacobson. "Efficacy of a Nonadjuvenated Outer Surface Protein A Recombinant Vaccine in Dogs After Challenge by Ticks Naturally Affected With Borrelia burgdorfi." Compendium on Continuity Education to the Practicing Veterinarian. 28(6):16-23. 2006.

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Sullivan, W. Michael.  SEE: Heckman, J. R.

"University Professor Showcased at Exhibit (LeBrun)." South County Independent. August 10, 2006.  p. C5.

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