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Compiled by Margaret J. Keefe

Faculty Publications 2007

Environment & Life Sciences
Biological Sciences

Ajemian, Matthew and Christopher P. J. Sanford. "Prey-Capture Kinematics in the Deep-Water Chain Catshark Scyliorrhinus retifer." Journal of the Marine Biological Association of the United Kingdom. 87(5):1277-1286. October 2007.

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Carlton, James.  SEE: Chapman, John W.

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Heppner, Frank H.  SEE also: Moskon, Miha.

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Heppner, Frank. "Lecture Is Dead Provokes 'Nostalgia and Amusement' (Letter)." American Biology Teacher. 69(5):264. May 2007.

Heppner, Frank. "Professors and Etiquette (Letter)." Academe. 93(3):8. May-June 2007.

Heppner, Frank H. Teaching the Large College Class: The Guidebook for Instructors With Multitudes. Jossey-Boss. 2007.  190p.

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Killingbeck, Keith T.  SEE also: Nichols, Bill; Vacher, Kerri.

Killingbeck, Keith and Peter Paton. "Christopher Nerone, Mr. Nature RINHS Distinguished Naturalist 2007." Rhode Island Naturalist. 14(1):22-23. Summer 2007.

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Koske, Richard E.  SEE: Tarbell, T. J.

Lauder, George.  SEE also: Danos, Nicole; Nauwelaerts, Sandra.

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O'Keefe, Daniel M., Johanna C. O'Keefe and Donald C. Jackson. "Factors Influencing Paddlefish Spawning in the Tombigbee Watershed." Southeastern Naturalist. 6(2):3212-332. 2007.

Preisser, Evan L.  SEE also: Butin, Elizabeth.

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Roberts, Alison W.  SEE also: Liepman, Aaron H.; Moller, Isabel; Roberts, Eric M.

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Thursby, Glen D.  SEE: Wigand, Cathleen.

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Webb, Jacqueline.  SEE also: Coombs, Cheryl A.; Schilling, Thomas F.

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