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Compiled by Margaret J. Keefe

Faculty Publications 2007

Communicative Disorders

Culatta, Barbara, Kendra Hall, Dana Kovarsky and Geraldine Theadore. "Conceptualized Approach to Language and Literacy (Project CALL): Capitalizing on Varied Activities and Contexts to Teach Early Literacy Skills." Communications Disorders Quarterly. 28(4):216-235. August 2007.

Karow, Colleen M.  SEE: Marshall, Robert C.

Kim, M., M. F. Adington and J. S. Revoir. "Argument Structure Enhanced Verb Naming Treatment: Two Case Studies." Contemporary Issues in Communication Science and Disorders. 34:24-36. 2007.

Kim, Mikyong and Daniellle Beaudoin-Parsons. "Training Phonological Reading in Deep Alexiac: Does It Improve Reading Words With Low Imageability?" Clinical Linguistics & Phonetics. 21(5):321-351. May 2007.

Kovarsky, Dana.  SEE also: Culatta, Barbara.

Kovarsky, Dana, Allen Shaw and Maureen Adingono-Smith. "The  Construction of Identity During Group Therapy Among Adults With Traumatic Brain Injury." Communication & Medicine. 4(1):53-66. 2007.

Kovarsky, Dana. "Forward." Topics In Language Disorders. 27(1):3-4. January-March 2007.

Kovarsky, Dana and Maura Curran. "A Missing Voice in the Discourse of Evidence-Based Practice." Topics In Language Disorders. 27(1):50-61. January-March 2007.

Mahler, Leslie.  SEE: Spielman, Jennnifer.

Marshall, Robert C., Susan R. McGurk, Colleen M. Karow and Tamar J. Kairy. "Problem-Solving Abilities of Participants With and Without Diffuse Neurologic Involvment." Aphasiology. 21(6-8):750-762. 2007.

Spielman, Jennifer, Lorraine O. Ramig, Leslie Mahler, Angela Halpern and William J. Gavin. "Effects of an Extended Version of the Lee Silverman Voice Treatment on Voice and Speech in Parkinson's Disease." American Journal of Speech-Language Pathology. 16(2):95-107. May 2007.

Theadore, Geraldine.  SEE: Cullatta, Barbara.

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